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Todd Chrisley isn"t holding anything back amid his family"s legitimate troubles and also strained connection with daughter Lindsie.

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ETexclusively spoke through theChrisley knows Best starin Nashville, whereby he and also his wife, Julie, came all set to talk for the no-holds-barred interview. "We haven"t satellite down through anyone. You"re the an initial interview we"ve offered since all of this," Todd told ET"s Rachel Smith. "We placed no parameters top top this interview. We said, "Ask us every little thing you want to asking us.""

As a family with a truth TV show, the Chrisleys" private lives are constantly do headlines, and Lindsie"s announcement about her divorce from will Campbell last month to be no exception. Lindsie left the show in 2017, however has ongoing to give fans to update on she life viasocial media.

"I received a text article from Lindsie around two mainly ago," Todd said, when asked if he has heard native his estranged daughter since news of her divorce. "I turned the over come our attorneys since we don"t feel the it"s safe to communicate. Every time that I"ve done the it"s been twisted and also turned, andin the position we"re in, we can"t operation that risk."

"I am sad about the situation. I"m sad the my daughter made decision to make decisions the she"s made in she life," that continued. "But as soon as you get married, marriage is an alleged to it is in foreverand you"re supposed to have actually a meeting to each other."

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Todd and Julie -- who deny any type of wrongdoing -- also gave an update onlegal matters bordering their family. The couplewas clearedon the state level in 2019, however are still dealing with a 12-count commonwealth indictment including tax fraud claims. "We"re still working with that process," Todd called ET.

Todd and Julie previously accused Lindsie of turning them right into authorities end alleged taxation evasion, whichshe denied. For her part, Lindsieclaimed the her father tried come blackmail her v a sex tape, i m sorry Toddhas vehemently denied.

"She is my daughter and I love her. There was simply some sort of emotional battle that Lindsie has had within herself, andjealousy among her siblings," Todd claimed. "It began out v Savannah having means more social media followers, and also then wasn"t getting enough time on the show. ... Lindsie wasn"t, at that time, ready to permit the cameras right into her an individual life. She wouldn"t tell the people anything."

"There to be never any extortion, that was all offered for headlines. That was used to acquire social media following," he further alleged. "She"s our daughter, and also I will tell you that the anger to be there for a long time. Revenge and also anger belongs to the devil. So i walked v the devil. Ns was dancing through the evil one there because that a minute.God enabled me to get back into my confidence ... I had actually to psychic that ns am a father first. When you have actually children and you discipline your children, the world"s not gonna view that. But when Todd Chrisley disciplines his children, it"s a headline."

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Todd and Julie admitted come ET that they don"t think they"dbe facing all of these legal and family concerns if it weren"t for their fact show and being in the general public eye. "I wouldn"t think so, due to the fact that then nobody would care who we are," Todd explained.

"People questioning me every the time, "What"s the best and also worst part about having the show and also TV and all this?"" added Julie."And ns said, "Well, imagine every work of her life, walk to work-related with her spouse, through your adult children, through your young children, and also with your mom in law. ... This is a job, but at the end of the day, every the B.S. Needs to do away and this is our family."

A rep for Lindsie told ET top top Monday that the former reality star reached out to she father "a few weeks back" about "the false cases made on your podcast and not specifically around the divorce."

"She has tried to comment on these problem personally quite than through a ago and soon in the media, but since that is no being reciprocated, she feels the must speak up and defend herself from these and also further false claims," the rep claimed in a statement."In regards to the jealousy issue, there was never ever a jealousy issue, particularly over pendant or social media as much as Lindsie is concerned."

"Lindsie very much so has a life outside of the general public eye and also has functioned over the year to maintain that," the declare continued. "She drove back and forth from Atlanta to Nashville for virtually a year to save filming going and also ultimately made decision to leaving the display when it to be no much longer a healthy setting for her and also her son."

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Later in the interview, Todd and also Julie were joined through their23-year-old daughter, Savannah, and 25-year-old son, Chase. The household addressedwhether theythinkthere"s any type of hope forreconciliationwith 31-year-old Lindsie in the future.

"I pray to God every day.It has actually been the hardest thing due to the fact that I don"t recognize where you go from that," Todd explained. "When you"ve had actually a boy that you have actually loved the method that Lindsie hasbeen loved, and this happens. All I have the right to do is pray that God blesses her, and also God provides her tranquility of mind and that God restores what can be restored."

"I"m right here for Lindsieif she ever needs anything," included Chase. "I haven"t speak to her in ns couldn"t phone call you how long, but if she ever before needed anything, I"m a phone call away."

According come Savannah, thebiggest misconception about herfamily is the they"re often misunderstood. "I think people look in ~ us and also see this really put-together family," she said, "but see it as very superficial and also fake, and we don"tgo through real things."

Chase added that it"s also "a lot of of tough work" law what castle do, and also dealing with the highs and lows offame.

"My dad stated it best. Any kind of time I"m walk throughan concern or I"m struggling v something, he"s like, "Son, you"re not gonna obtain to whereby you desire to be unless you carry out it with the Lord,"" chase said."I think whenyou hear her adult children speak and they gain it, those room your moments," Todd replied, choking up a bit."It"s simply a blessing as soon as you hear your adult kids recognize that."

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As for whereby the familysees themselves advancing after reality TV? Todd told ET castle will most likely move back to his home state of southern Carolina, and go right into "some form of politics."

"We"ve been with each other a long time and I"m no bailing now, so national politics or no politics I"m gonna rod in there," Julie promised. "We"re gonna carry out what we"ve constantly done, i m sorry is come with each other as a team and see what happens."

"I"ve had actually this conversation about our own kids, and just about this generation, of just how easy that is to simply throw in the towel and also just start over. Everything is therefore disposable," she added. "Is our marriage perfect? No, it"s not, yet I execute think we have this common respect and also we both agreed that we"re no throwing in the towel, no issue how difficult things get."

Season 9 the Chrisley to know Best returns Thursday, Aug. 12 in ~ 9 p.m. ET/PT top top USA Network.

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Growing up Chrisley season 3 additionally returns Aug. 12. Tune into Entertainment this evening on Monday (check your neighborhood listings here) for much more from the Chrisleys exclusive sit-down.


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