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The two reportedly met through mutual friends. Getty photos follow to the couple"s covering story for GQ, neither jenner nor Scott "can mental where, exactly, they very first met."Both go admit, however, that zener was persuaded Scott didn"t favor her at first.

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"We always knew each other, choose we to be hanging approximately each various other — i mean, us just had actually mutual friends," she claimed in a video for GQ. "But we never really had actually a conversation since I assumed that he didn"t favor me."


if the pair didn't confirm their connection until respectable 2015, most world assume the the pair began dating a year prior. Craig Barritt/Getty photos

Rumors began to swirl as soon as fans establish Tyga had not do an appearance on Jenner"s society media due to the fact that Valentine"s work of that year.

Later in the month, Tyga"s ex-fianceé Blac Chyna heavily argued in a Snapchat rant the he had been cheating top top Jenner, as reported through Cosmopolitan.

"Multiple sources" evidenced the break-up to civilization in at an early stage April. At the time, these resources framed the split as a brief separation — which seemed consistent with the couple"s on-and-off relationship.

"They tend to take little breaks all the time and also then get ago together," says one"It"s definitely feasible they"ll job-related things out again."

Jenner later opened up around the split on an episode of "Life the Kylie," stating that the 2 will "always have actually a bond."

"There to be absolutely naught wrong through me and also T," she revealed. "There was no stunner fight. We decided — well, I decided — the I"m really young. I don"t desire to look ago in five years from now and feel like he take it something from me, when he"s really no that type of person."



Coachella wasn"t precisely the couple"s an initial date — yet rather "a hang the went well," according to the couple"s sheathe story for GQ. Pan photos revealed the Jenner and also Scott to be holding hands as they roamed the grounds of the famed music festival.

Asource told human being at the time that the two had actually been "a thing" before and "friends because that a while" — but likewise implied the their flirtation to be designed to do Tyga jealous.In reality, the two simply "hit that off" and had immediate chemistry, according to Jenner"s former ideal friend Jordyn Woods.

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Jenner opened up up around the beginning of their relationship toGQ and revealed that, after Coachella, she spontaneously decided to join Scott on his tour.

"He said, "I"m going earlier on tour — what perform we desire to carry out aboutthis?" because we obviously liked each other," she said. "And ns was like, "I assumption: v I"m going through you" ... And then us rode off into the sunset."


Photos from the game were the just ones the the couple made accessible to the general public until after their daughter to be born. Bob Levey/Getty pictures

An eyewitness toldPeoplethat the two were stop hands and also cuddling. The onlooker also added that zener was kissing Scott"s neck and seemed choose "she wanted civilization to watch them together."

"During his performance, Kylie was hiding in the Rockets" courtside club anxiously waiting for him to come earlier to her. As soon as he acquired back, they absolutely looked like a couple, cuddled up alongside each other among her friends," the resource told People. "They haven"t let walk of each other since he gained off the court."