Throughout his presidency, Trump has maintained a challenging public view on China, consisting of the college of significant tariffs ~ above imports native the country, and his criticism has actually intensified adhering to the outbreak the the novel coronavirus pandemic, which source in Wuhan.

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Dependence ~ above China has come to be a hot-button topic for both parties and also on social media. Together the parties" conventions started in August, insurance claims that Trump"s "Make America great Again" hats are made in China started recirculating on Facebook.

One post, by the Facebook web page "Trump Sucks," has actually a montage of four photos: Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald trumped Jr."s girlfriend and member of the trump card campaign, one text picture that says, "Claims Democrats will certainly send jobs back to China," a photograph of a MAGA cap is below Guilfoyle, and next come it is message that says, "Made in China."

Administrators because that the page could not be got to for comment.

Claims the MAGA hats room made in China started circulating as soon as Trump dubbed for a boycott the Goodyear after ~ the tire company announced its zero-tolerance plan for the apparel.

Are MAGA hats made in China?

Questions around the trump campaign"s symbolic red hats began — and also were debunked — in 2015. The claims circulated again critical year and also have found new traction as the country heads toward Election Day.

In 2016, a closer look in ~ the hats by the linked Press uncovered that some did no contain the fabric that the manufacturer states is constantly used.

Brian Kennedy, chairman of Cali fame of Los Angeles, the company that makes the main hats, did not explain the discrepancy yet said "all or virtually all" of the materials are from the united States.

In 2019, Kennedy told AP that the hats room made totally in Carson, California.

USA TODAY has reached the end to the Trump campaign for talk about the merchandise. But according to the main Trump was website, the campaign"s products are "proudly made in the USA."

While the "made in China" tags can be uncovered on some Trump merchandise, those items space not official assets of the project — they"re from external vendors.

A WCIV report the a trump card rally in Charleston, south Carolina, in March depicted this distinction. Vendors at trump rallies frequently sell merchandise, but most of this items room made external the U.S. In nations like China, Honduras and also Haiti.

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Our rating: partly false

The claim in the short article has been rated partially FALSE. Official Trump campaign merchandise is make in the united States, which the website clearly states. However, over there is a industry of unofficial trump card merchandise the is make in various other countries and sold online and also at rallies.

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