Gospel singer Amy give has been flying around under the radar for the previous several years, and it appears health issues may have actually been a huge reason for her hiatus native recording new music. Amy, who is married to country star Vince Gill, post an update to Instagram revealing a new, life-saving scar on her chest. What happened to Amy?

The 59-year-old "Every Heartbeat" singer had a problem known together partial anomalous pulmonary venous return (PAPVR). This birth defect occurs as soon as the veins that supply blood to the heart go into the right atrium rather of the left atrium. This method that oxygen-rich blood is returned to the heart, which can cause it come dilate.

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This can cause arrhythmia and pulmonary hypertension, according to UWHealth. Though many human being with PAPVR experience no symptoms, it can cause shortness the breath and also poor oxygenation of the blood circulating transparent the body.


While Amy has had actually the condition due to the fact that birth, it seems it recently ended up being a problem and she had actually "an unanticipated open up heart surgery" to correct the defect. Thankfully, the sounds as though Amy has actually made a recovery she considers "miraculous." 

The singer credits the prayers she felt native her pendant helping her recuperate. "And now, ten job later, I just want to say, indigenous the minute I went to the hospital, if it yes, really were a marathon race, ns felt choose I obtained into that runners block and as soon as it to be time because that the gyeongju to begin there to be this huge West Texas wind at my back.. Just pushing me through. Also stuff i was really scared about felt favor nothing more than just a deep breath and also something supernatural moved me v it. Mine recovery has actually honestly feel miraculous."

Amy an initial made the public mindful of she heart problem in February of 2020, i m sorry is Heart health and wellness Awareness Month. If at the time she reported that she was fully asymptomatic, it appears either the changed, or she suffered an additional complication that compelled surgical intervention.

hi everybody…. I know there is so lot going ~ above in the human being right now. This is a crazy, broken, yet beautiful time. And in the middle of all of that - in the middle of all of our awareness and also becoming and learning to love and also see each other - I’ve had actually this really unique experience of having an unanticipated open up heart surgery. The only way I can describe my suffer would be to questioning you come imagine a non-runner that was signed up because that a marathon. Ns didn’t want it, however I had to have actually it anyway and also it was a week back Wednesday. And as world heard around the surgical procedure I started gaining messages: “I’m praying for you” …“I’m praying because that you”. Civilization I functioned with decades ago, human being who have pertained to my concert or hear to my music, my work-related family, civilization on social media, and also my own friends and family all readily available their prayers. And also now, ten work later, I simply want to say, native the moment I visited the hospital, if it really were a marathon race, i felt prefer I gained into that runners block and as soon as it to be time because that the race to start there was this massive West Texas wind in ~ my back.. Just pushing me through. Even stuff ns was really scared about felt choose nothing much more than just a deep breath and also something supernatural propelled me through it. Mine recovery has honestly felt miraculous. And so I desire to say give thanks to you to each human who said a prayer for me. Prayer changes everything. Let’s keep those prayers going for our country and lets revolve all the brokenness right into love and also seeing each other. Ns love you. Amy

A write-up shared by Amy grant (

While the surgery took Amy the end of commission for a bit, the singer revealed on Good Morning America that she feeling "fantastic."

"I just have this feeling prefer this is walk to it is in the finest year yet. Ns love it," she said on the show.

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During the program, she sang "Every Heartbeat" come raise awareness for heart health, particularly in women, encouraging them not to placed their pagan "on the ago burner."

"I feel favor I've been offered a 2nd chance," she said. "It feels favor this crazy kaleidoscope that started 30 years back that's just carried into emphasis the gift that gratitude, happiness for the gift of each other, joy for music."

It's to be an eventful year because that Amy Grant and also Vince Gill. Well, let's challenge it, it has been eventful for united state all. Yet on peak of this heart surgery and also the rehabilitation, the pair celebrated their 20th anniversary in in march 2020. The two singers were both previously married. 

Vince has one daughter, Jenny, v his first wife, Janis Oliver, to who he to be married from 1980 to 1997. Amy to be married to other gospel artist Gary Chapman indigenous 1982 come 1999, and also had three children. Round off out their mixed family, Vince and also Amy welcomed their only child together, Corrina grant Gill, a year after they married. Vince freshly performed for the first time with Corrina, 19, together she accompanied him on his new song, "When mine Amy Prays."

The track is his tribute to just how Amy aided him find his faith again. Offered how swift she recovery has actually been indigenous surgery, it's clean she has enough faith for 2 people.

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