Discussion the the finish Times and the Rapture deserve to raise questions, apprehension, and fear. "Why execute I have to study prophecy?" "It is also complicated, and I don't know what that means." "It renders me anxious." also for long–time Christians, prophecy have the right to seem overwhelmingly complex. At very first glance, passages written two thousand years ago appear disconnected from contemporary life. However if we accept this limited perspective, us will miss the rich fact God has noted for us. Us cannot recognize where us are currently if we do not know where we space going.

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As us delve into this challenging subject, let's explore biblical answers to 4 of the most typically asked questions around the Rapture.


1. What signs suggest that the finish Times room near?

The Rapture—the elevating of the Church into heaven (1 Thessalonians 4:17)—is the next event on the prophetic calendar. The following four signs suggest the Rapture is near.

The sign of DeceptionMany civilization will case to it is in the Messiah and also claim to have the answers because that a troubled world. Jesus claims to "take heed"—literally to save our eyes open so we are not fooled. In the finish Times, people will it is in crying desperately because that leaders to provide them, and they will seek mystics and spiritual leaders who case to have deeper knowledge.

The authorize of Disputes among NationsThe book of Revelation tells united state that the Tribulation will certainly be filled through war—ceaseless, unending, devastating war—that will escalate till the entire civilization is involved. As we move toward the finish Times, there will be raising conflicts, border skirmishes, race wars, and also national battles.

The sign of DevastationToday, millions of world in the human being are walk hungry, also though God has blessed our planet with abundance. Famine will intensify as the Rapture paint, etc near. Scripture additionally anticipates raising earthquakes, which has been confirmed by science. Finally, Christ spoke of pestilence, and also our people is already experiencing the spread of tragic, uncontrollable brand-new diseases.

The authorize of Deliverance right into the TribulationJust prior to Jesus returns, there will certainly be an explosion of persecution. This is arising today through the rise of radical Islam and also its aggression versus Christians in the middle East. Together we attract closer to the end, countless will salary a high price for living out their faith.

2. Why need to I stop determining a date and also time because that the Rapture?

The fact is, us cannot calculation the day Christ will return for His Church due to the fact that God has actually specifically liked not to reveal it come us.

When the apostle asked Jesus around the future, that replied, "It is no for girlfriend to understand times or seasons which the Father has actually put in His own authority. But you shall receive power once the divine Spirit has come upon you" (Acts 1:7–8).

Only God to know the time, and also only the knows when time will certainly run out. Future truth results our current responsibility. The understanding that the is coming soon should put urgency right into our step and also determination right into our service.

3. Will I be a component of the Rapture if my human body is cremated?

When bible says, "The dead in Christ will certainly rise," the is speak of the bodily resurrection that believers. At that time, the spirits of believers will be united with their perfect and also complete resurrection bodies. "For the lord Himself will descend native heaven through a shout, through the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet the God. And also the dead in Christ will climb first. Then we who are alive and also remain shall be recorded up along with them in the clouds to satisfy the lord in the air. And also thus us shall constantly be v the Lord. Thus comfort one an additional with these words" (1 Thessalonians 4:16–18).

If God can accomplish the tough work that calling development into visibility through His spoken words, climate it will certainly be no problem for Him to call ago the body of those who have been swept into the sea, or spend by fire, or maimed by the strikes of one enemy.

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4. What will happen in sky after the Rapture?

After the Rapture, Christians will come prior to the judgment Seat that Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10). This judgment will certainly not determine whether we room able to get in heaven. Our sins have already been forgiven v the substitutionary death and also resurrection that Jesus Christ. It will, however, it is in a time come account because that the works we have achieved on earth, and we will certainly be rewarded accordingly. We will get positions of authority in the coming Millennium based upon our faithfulness to God while on this earth and also for the affect we left behind.

There is so much relevant reality to be uncovered in the Bible's prophetic passages! studying God's plan for the future can assist determine what side we will certainly be on once Christ returns. By knowledge the Rapture and also the events of tomorrow, us will readjust our watch of today!