Will and Jada Pinkett blacksmith are one of the many fascinating couples in Hollywood. Not just are they masters at their craft, however they also have a beautiful family that includes: Jaden, Willow, and Will’s son from a ahead marriage, Willard “Trey” smith III. 

The talented household once maintained their world really private, piquing the interests of your fans and other alike, but recently they have pulled back the curtains on their family dynamics to share v the people what really goes top top in the blacksmith household. From shining together in the spotlight to getting recorded up in "entanglements," the pair continues to it is in “life partners” that will forever be associated spiritually, emotionally, and also lovingly. Review on because that a full timeline of Will and also Jada Pinkett Smith's relationship.

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The couple met top top the set of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990.The Smiths wed in 1997 after ~ a few years of dating.They welcomed son Jaden soon thereafter in 1997 and also daughter pasture in 2000.The pair famously disputed their marriage ups and downs on Jada's Red Table speak in 2020.

Will and Jada very first met on the set of new Prince the Bel-Air when she auditioned because that her duty on the renowned show. Unfortunately, she didn’t obtain the part. “The an initial time i met you was at the new Prince audition. Ns think ns was 19, and also they told me ns was too short,” the 49-year-old mother recalled top top an illustration of her on facebook series, Red Table Talk.

Will go on to reveal how he to let go his opportunity to connect with Jada. “I saw this girl ~ above A different World and also her surname is Jada,” the 51-year-old recalled informing his TV-show cousin, Alphonso Riberio. “I walked in and sat down in the audience in ~ A different World and also the taping started.” 

Will then explained that he i found it Sheree Fletcher Zampino, who later became his wife. “So I checked out A various World to meet Jada and met Sheree,” he explains. Jada may not have actually been his princess in ~ the time, however she later ended up being his queen.

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Jada did a sit-down interview ~ above Huffington Live, where viewers read right into the comments that she made, assuming that she and also Will to be in an open up marriage. “I’ve constantly told Will, ‘You have the right to do every little thing you want as lengthy as you have the right to look at yourself in the mirror and also be okay,’” she said the host, Marc Lamont Hill. “Because at the finish of the day, will certainly is his very own man. I’m right here as his partner, however he is his own man. He needs to decide who he desires to be and also that’s no for me to execute for him. Or angry versa.”

Jade later clarified her statement in an open up letter post on she Facebook. “Here is exactly how I will adjust my statement...Will and also I BOTH have the right to do everything we want due to the fact that we trust each other to execute so. This walk NOT median we have actually an open up relationship... This way we have a grown one.”

In a one-on-one conversation with Will, Jada brought herself to the “Red Table” in 2020 come candidly comment on details about their quick marital separation, which eventually lead to her decision to day R&B singer, august Alsina in 2016. "I just wanted to feel good, it had actually been therefore long because I felt good," she called viewers."And the was yes, really a delight to just assist heal someone. I think that has actually a many to carry out with my co-dependency."

During the prolonged sit-down, will certainly assured his wife that he will love her v everything. In unison, the pair shared their marriage motto, “We ride together, we dice together—bad marriage for life!”

September 25, 2019: Checking things Off the Bucketlist

For Will’s 50th birthday, he want to do one thing: take his family skydiving in Dubai. The family members all took a leap of faith, i m sorry was captured on Will’s facebook Watch series, Will Smith’s Bucketlist. 

When Jada landing safely on the ground, the family gave she a team hug together her happy husband inquired, “Are us still together?”

April 29, 2020: “I Don’t understand Will at All”

During a RTT discussion titled, “How her Relationship have the right to Survive Quarantine," Pinkett smith candidly shared, "I have to be honest. I think among the things that i’ve realized is that ns don’t know Will at all." 

Pinkett blacksmith further explained that they were discovering to be friends during the pandemic. "You get into all these ideas of what intimate relationships are claimed to watch like, what marriages are supposed to be." 

She added, "Will and also I room in the procedure of that taking the moment to learn to love himself, me taking the moment to learn to love myself, right, and also us structure a friendship follow me the way."

Jada posted a heartwarming Father’s Day article to her life partner. “Happy Father’s work Willard. Say thanks to you because that being a wonderful Dad❣️.”

This multi-talented pair is proof that every relationship has its ups and also downs, yet a long-last marital relationship is one developed on mutual trust, understanding, and also joy. Here's come many more years of joy for Will and also Jada Pinkett Smith.