DAVID Foster has actually announced the he will never reveal the factors why the divorced actual Housewives star Yolanda Hadid.

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The two were married for four years before they divorced.

The couple were married for four yearsCredit: Getty Images

Yolanda to be featured in real Housewives that Beverly Hills indigenous season 3 to season six with her record producer ex-husband.

When did Yolanda Hadid and also David Foster divorce?

Foster and also Hadid, 56, announced their break-up in December 2015 after 4 years the marriage.

The pair’s divorce to be finalized in 2017.

The two obtained married in 2011 after dating for 5 years.


David won't disclose the factor behind the pair's splitCredit: Getty - Contributor

David is now married to Katherine McPhee, who shows up in a Netflix documentary around David's life.

They wed in 2019 in London, 13 year to the job after meeting as soon as David created Katherine's very first single after a insignificant on America Idol.

The couple was engaged for 11 months prior to they wed.

Yolanda break-up from her first husband and daughter Gigi's father, Mohamed Hadid, in 2000 ~ a six-year marriage.

She's at this time loved up v her new boyfriend Joseph Jingoli.

Yolanda mutual in a video for Bravo: "I don't really want to talk too much about my personal life, but yes, I've been in a partnership of 15 months, and also I'm very much in love through my boyfriend.

"What has associated us is most likely horses and also the farm life.

"We live 10 miles apart, therefore it's kind of perfect."

How many youngsters do they have together?

Yolanda and also David have children from vault relationships.

The pair do not have any kind of children together.


Yolanda and also her kids Gigi, Anwar and also BellaCredit: AP:Associated Press

Yolanda has daughters Gigi and Bella and also son Anwar indigenous her marriage to Mohamed.

David to be married four times previously and has five children and also seven grandchildren.

Why go Foster say he would never ever disclose the reason why castle divorced?

The pair were married for 4 years and also split in 2015, but David opened up on the divorce ~ above his new Netflix show David Foster: turn off The Record.

Their partnership was often questioned during Yolanda's appearances on The real Housewives the Beverly Hills.


The RHOBC star was additionally once married come the architect Mohamed HadidCredit: Xposure

The acclaimed music producer said: "How have the right to I leave a noble woman? The fact of the issue is, that is not the reason why ns left.

"It was for a different reason, which i will never ever disclose, however it had nothing to execute with her being sick."


Yolanda was diagnosed through Lyme disease, often referred to as the “invisible illness” since people who experience from it might not show up sick, in 2012.

Symptoms range from excessive fatigue to neurological problems.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is in coronavirus self-isolation on she gorgeous 32-acre residential property which she bought in 2017.

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Yolanda, 56, purchase the brand-new Hope residential property to it is in closer to she supermodel daughters Gigi, 24, and Bella, 23, that both live in Manhattan.