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Flying in economy class today is a much cry from the golden age of flying, as soon as a standard flight provided free blankets, meals, and even alcoholic drink in some cases. Airlines these days compete to sell the lowest prices possible, and to do so, they’ve stripped out many of the amenities they supplied to provide complimentary on residential flights.

If your flight is an ext than an hour or two, it’s usually worth pass along some items that deserve to make her flight much more comfortable. Listed below are nine points to take into consideration packing in your carry-on.

1. Water

Anyone who’s ever before flown knows the dry cabin air can leave friend dehydrated. It’s recommended you drink at least eight ounces that water every hour you’re in the air. While plenty of airlines still give you water for free, part discount airlines don’t. Either way, it deserve to take up to an hour after ~ you plank the airplane for beverage service to start, therefore it’s ideal to carry your very own water.

Though you’re not permitted to take liquids through TSA checks, you can carry an north bottle and also fill the up once you’re previous airport security. If you’re in a country where the water in the airplane is no safe to drink, you might need come buy a party of water indigenous a merchant in the airport. That’s still much better than no having any kind of water through you top top the flight. (See also: 5 methods to make Coach feeling Like very first Class)

2. Snacks or a light meal

While part airlines still sell a tiny bag that pretzels come passengers, it’s increasingly typical to discover there is no totally free food at every on a flight. Instead, plenty of airlines sell overpriced meals or snacks the you can buy. If you don’t want to pay those inflated prices, bring your own healthy nibbles. (See also: 15 Easy-to-Pack, Delicious, and Cheap Airline Snacks)

Light and also lean proteins are ideal for long-distance flights since they are basic for your body come digest while sitting under for long periods the time. Turkey, chicken, tuna, and hard boiled egg are good options the can conveniently be pack for her flight.

Avoid foodstuffs that are deep fried, processed, or high in sugar, together they have the right to make you feeling fatigued and also restless. It’s equally important to watch what girlfriend eat prior to a flight. Gassy foods items such as onions, broccoli, and also carbonated beverages can make you feeling bloated throughout long durations without physics activity.

3. Entertainment

Keeping yourself occupied is the easiest means to make a long flight go faster. That’s why many planes come with some kind of in-flight entertainment. But many airlines currently charge because that movies, v prices topping $5 for a solitary film.

If you don’t desire to salary those prices, plan ahead and also make certain you carry something through you to do. Download your favorite movie or present onto a tablet, bring a book or e-reader through you, or if you’re traveling through friends or family, take into consideration bringing a load of cards or gamings you have the right to play from your seat.

4. Headphones

Even airlines that do provide complimentary entertainment have tendency to not provide the headphones to allow you to listen to it. The crew will sell headphones for sale at the start of the flight, however they’ll be negative quality and also expensive. Prevent that frustration by pass your very own pair of headphones for this reason you have the right to plug in for free if you gain lucky with an in-flight movie.

You can even consider upgrading to great pair the noise-cancelling headphones, which can drown out unpleasant or distracting sounds.

5. Earplugs

Maybe you’re the form of human who likes to catch a couple of winks ~ above a flight. Earplugs space a must if you don’t desire a fitful nap interrupted by consistent noise, especially in the tightly packed economic climate section.

Believe the or not, earplugs are not all created equal. I constantly go for the plugs that cancel out the most noise, if still feeling comfortable. Mighty Plugs room a good option for planes.

6. Eye mask

Once you’ve planned because that the noise situation, it’s time to think about light. It have the right to be an overwhelming to capture some high quality z"s as soon as the sunlight is streaming in v the windows and the cabin lights space on. An eye mask deserve to be a godsend in this situations, providing you through the darkness girlfriend need.

When shopping because that a mask, look for something make from a cool, comfortable towel with an adjustable strap. Girlfriend may additionally want to consider a contoured shape that pushes the mask the end from your face so it’s not relaxing uncomfortably on her eyelids. (See also: The 5 best Eye Masks)

7. Pillow and blanket

Not so long ago, an airline branded pillow and also blanket covering in a cellophane bag on your seat to be a common sight. These days it’s rare for airlines to administer them as standard in economy class. Even in the unlikely event that girlfriend do uncover a blanket waiting for you, you more than likely won’t desire to use it. Airline employees have admitted the the blankets are infrequently washed. You can buy travel blankets that roll approximately a compact size. An additional option is come wear a big scarf that you can cover yourself with.

If you plan to do any kind of sleeping, you’ll desire a pillow, too. An inflatable neck pillow is great because that folds up small for carrying. If you take frequent long-haul flights, friend may even want to consider a lean-forward pillow, which allows you use the an are in front of you for a much more comfortable sleep. (See also: The 5 best Travel Pillows)

8. Compression socks

One the the ideal ways to obtain comfortable ~ above a flight is come kick back and take her shoes off. However no one will appreciate it if your socks smell choose you’ve just run a marathon. The easiest way to ensure you don’t stink increase the cabin is come bring secondary pair that socks with you.

Shell out a little extra for a pair of compression socks, which will additionally significantly minimize your threat of enduring Deep Vein Thrombosis during your flight. Though they’re an especially effective on lengthy distance flights as soon as the risk of DVT is higher, there’s no harm in put on them because that flying brief distances, as well.

9. Hand sanitizer and sterile wipes

Studies have presented that airline cabins are filthy spaces. Tray tables, seat belts, eight rests, and even suitcases room rife through bacteria. The push to quickly turn about an aircraft in between flights inevitably means that they’re no cleaned to a high standard.

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Since many of the damage materializes as a result of poignant infected areas, you can reduce the potential by keeping great hygiene. Use sanitizer spray or sterile wipes top top the surfaces approximately you, as well as regularly on her hands.