Delta variant surge prompts return to indoor mandates in several says and major cities

by Andy Markowitz,, update November 24, 2021



Shoppers are compelled to wear confront masks in Arlington, Virginia.


Gov. Ralph Northam"s order ending statewide COVID-19 restrictions took result May 28, 2 weeks after he successfully lifted Virginia"s global mask mandate come align v the CDC guidance. Employees at retail stores, restaurants, gyms and also other businesses straight serving customers are still required to undertake masks; patrons are encouraged to do so. Face-covering also remains the ascendancy in schools.

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Learn more: Read Virginia"s recent mask order.


Masking is required in most indoor public settings and at outdoor events attended by more than 500 people, regardless of vaccination status. The order applies to civilization age 5 and over in at home public spaces, with narrow exceptions for specific situations where world are functioning indoors alone or in areas not generally obtainable to the public.

Learn more: check out the state department of Health"s current mask guidance.

West Virginia

Gov. Jim righteousness signed an executive, management order June 20 revoking the state"s 11-month-old mask mandate. In its last weeks the directive had covered unvaccinated civilization age 9 and also up in indoor public spaces. Face-covering is still compelled in certain settings every CDC guidelines, consisting of medical facilities and also transportation hubs, and also West Virginia businesses and school systems may require civilization to mask up. 

Learn more: Read West Virginia"s current and also past face-covering orders.


The Wisconsin supreme Court struck down Gov. Tony Evers" mask mandate march 31. In a 4-3 vote on a case carried by Republican state legislators, the court ruled that Evers, a Democrat, overstepped his government by repeatedly prolonging pandemic-related emergency orders there is no lawmakers’ approval. The governor had renewed the mask order number of times due to the fact that issuing that in August. Dane County, which contains Madison, requires civilization age 2 and also up come wear a mask in "any attached building" where human being outside their own household are present.

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Learn more: read the Wisconsin health and wellness department"s mask guidance.


Gov. Note Gordon rescinded the state"s 3-month-old mask mandate march 16. The state health and wellness department proceeds to introduce mask use in public areas "when common-sense physical distancing can not be maintained."