I interpreted that the service had experienced a financial loss, back I meant I was lacking some nuance.

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In entirely different scenarios, I"ve heard piss supplied in British idiomatic phrasing that said a lack of concern, or carelessness. Those paragraph are an overwhelming to reconcile v the previously mentioned usage. Space there lot of idiomatic interpretations for this word, or am I absent some kind of unifying theme?

Updated: I might not have actually a perfect recollection of the quote. However given the typical an interpretation of the phrase, i wonder if the speaker"s intentionally was follow me the present of "We"ll it is in laughing about this later." Or perhaps I just missed the actual meaning.

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Anguish LanguishAnguish Languish
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"Taking the Mickey" is certainly a sanitised version of the much more bladder-related "taking the piss", but only insofar together it assumes ignorance of rhyming slang. Just as no-one would be offended if called a "berk" unless they knew the derivation of the term. Throughout the early 19th Century, the denizens that the London docks to be fond of story of roguery and drunkenness. One regional who excelled himself was an ireland immigrant dubbed Mickey Bliss, whose exploits deserve him idiomatic immortality.
Apr 3 "14 at 1:48
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"Taking the piss" simply means "making fun of" in its usual context. It"s a very typical expression within Britain, yet probably rare elsewhere. ("Taking the mickey" is a similar, contempt sanitised version, that perhaps is used elsewhere?)

The Wikipedia page offers a fairly good overview.

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answered jan 31 "11 in ~ 16:59

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That details usage that "taking the piss", actually means "taking advantage of".

When stated from the receiver"s view it would certainly be akin to "You have gained to it is in joking!", "Are you acquisition the mick?", "Are you acquisition the piss?" - all enquiries regarding whether they space being made fun out of, the an ext usual meaning, but with the implication that is no the case, and they space being taken benefit of.

In this context, claimed from the next of the entity acquisition advantage, it states "we will certainly be taking the piss", we will certainly be taking advantage of the other entity.

Particularly offered where terms and also conditions are particularly harsh, or the client is being screwed for far too lot money.

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answered jan 31 "11 in ~ 17:33

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After around 6 year of being in full ignorance, I ultimately now gain the idea behind Craig David's lyrics in the tune "She's top top Fire" where he says "she's so warm it's favor she's right taking the piss". Not certain I gain it 100%, yet I acquire what the doesn't typical now. :) lol
Oct 17 "13 at 5:14

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Re the second part of her question: yes, over there are plenty of many many idiomatic provides of piss in brothers vxcialistoufjg.com! just off the peak of mine head:

piss - urine, come urinate. (The main literal meaning, the course.)take the piss the end of (someone/something) - to make fun of.pissed - drunk, approximately equivalent to hammered in AmE.on the piss - the end drinking, similar to on the town, on the tiles.piss (someone) off - to offend, irritate, rage someone. (Hence: pissed off = angry, closely equivalent come AmE pissed.)Piss off! - go away! (Milder analogue the Fuck off!)piss about (or around) - to chaos around, execute things that aren"t yes, really worthwhile.

More proposal welcome in comments...

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answered january 31 "11 at 17:16

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My expertise of this phrase breaks down to:

"Are you acquisition the piss ?""I"m simply taking the piss ."

"Piss" in this interpretation might mean something prefer confidence (similar come the phrase "piss and also vinegar"). In other words:

"Are girlfriend trying to make a stupid of me?""Are friend trying to reduced me under a notch?"Or in more modern-day parlance, "are you trolling?"

The conversation you describe doesn"t really make feeling for that use of the phrase. "We"ll be acquisition the piss" reads an ext as "we"ll have actually the critical laugh" to me.

See more: Are There Bears In New Hampshire, Does New Hampshire Have A Bear Problem

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Andrew VitAndrew Vit
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"Are girlfriend avin a laugh?/Is he avin a laugh?", prefer "Are you taking the piss?", are provided (in London and also other parts of Britain) in situations where man McEnroe would say "You cannot be serious, man!"

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