Ariana Grande has opened up around how her cooperation with Mac Miller, “The Way,” changed her life, eight years after the tune was first released. 

Here’s what Grande had actually to say about the solitary and how it relates come her partnership with Mac Miller.

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Ariana Grande and Mac Miller exit ‘The Way’ in 2013

“The Way” is a song from Grande’s 2013 debut album, Yours Truly. It attributes Mac Miller and also was released as the very first single native the album. The track samples the piano melody indigenous Brenda Russell’s 1979 tune “A small Bit that Love.”

“The Way” got to number nine on the united state Billboard warm 100, making that the very first top 10 tune on the chart for both Grande and Miller. 

The accompanying music video clip shows Grande and Miller dance in a room filled v balloons together the rapper bring away photos the the songstress. 


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Ariana Grande and also Mac fearbut | Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU picture Bank

The ‘7 Rings’ singer stated releasing ‘The Way’ was both ‘freeing and terrifying’

In Oct. 2021, Grande showed up in the debut episode of her long-time friend and also vocal coach Eric Vetro’s podcast. The present is dubbed “Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro.”

Vetro has functioned with Grande because that over 14 years, becoming her near friend along the way. She opened up to him about what her song “The Way” expected to her. 

“Putting the end ‘The Way’ to be very freeing and terrifying for me since I was so convinced that I had to be one thing because people knew me from my show that ns was doing native Nickelodeon, and also I was playing a character the a lot of people knew me as,” Grande explained on the podcast. 

“I to be kinda terrified to carry out what I actually wanted and also make the music that i actually want to make,” the “Thank U, Next” singer said. “And have my brown hair, undertake thigh-high boots, what I wanted to be. It was a really incredible turning point for me.”

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‘The Way’ marked a relationship milestone because that Ariana Grande and Mac Miller

“The Way” no Grande and Miller’s an initial collaboration. They recorded the Christmas tune “Baby it’s Cold Outside” in 2012. 

But developing the music video clip for “The Way” marked a far-ranging milestone for the couple, also though they didn’t officially begin dating until 2016. 

As plenty of fans of the well known former couple know, the musicians date for two years until breaking up in may 2018. Grande got engaged to Pete Davidson in June 2018, and also Miller passed away from one overdose in September that the same year.

Miller and Grande flirt and kiss in “The Way” music video, which sparked date rumors prior to they ever before got together. And the kiss they shared on camera to be their an initial kiss. 

Miller explained the kiss in an interview v MTV News in 2013. “That’s the homie. She’s got a boyfriend and also everything,” Miller claimed (via Billboard). “Obviously, the made everyone talk. I didn’t even know the was going to happen, and then us were shooting, and also the director to be like, ‘This should happen,’ and also I’m like, ‘Alright.’”

But maybe Grande and Miller felt sparks from that on-screen kiss, which led to their passionate romance year later.