Ariana Grande's dating background and ex boyfriends incorporate famous encounters from huge Sean, the late Mac Miller and her many recent ex, Pete Davidson, so let's take a look earlier through her relationship history.

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At simply 27 years old, Ariana Grande is among the best stars on the planet and with that are comes a an extremely public understanding of that she is dating and has date in the past.

Ariana"s dating background features part pretty renowned faces, some of whom she"s collaborated with, and also some whirlwind romances, yet these work she"s happily love up with actual estate friend – now husband – Dalton Gomez.

So, let"s take a dive right into the really well known relationship previous of Ariana Grande, indigenous her 2 year romance with the late rapper, Mac Miller, come her very publicised engagement to and also subsequent split fromSaturday Night Live comedian, Pete Davidson.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez room Officially Married

Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks

Picture: Tumblr

Back at the start of Ariana"s to sing career in 2012, she began a long distance connection with Australian YouTuber Jai Brooks- who started a competition v his brothers to watch who could get her attention, which the singer"s mum spotted and told Ariana to blog post him!

They date for about a year, flying back and forth to surprised each other, yet it all ended when that publicly accused the singer of cheating ~ above him v The wanted singer Nathan Sykes- that she had actually a track with, called "Almost Is never ever Enough", other she has strongly denied, declare Jai just wanted "his fifteen minutes of fame".

Ariana Grande and big Sean

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Ariana started dating big Sean, a rapper signed to Kanye West"s music label, in 2014 and also they made your public debut in ~ the 2015 Grammy"s.
He is among the exes she surname dropped in her well known ex track, "thank u, next" v the lyric: "Thought I"d end up v Sean/but he wasn"t a match."
Their connection lasted for about 8 months, and they were in reality super cute together and performed your songs such together "Best Mistake" and also "Right There" with each other on a variety of occasions.
Big Sean is currently with Jhené Aikoo, that he"s been dating due to the fact that 2016 after ending up being friends in 2012 and collaborating together on many occasions end the years.

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Ariana Grande and Ricky Alvarez

Pic: PA
Following the end of Ariana"s partnership with huge Sean, she summary dated among her dancers named Ricky Alvarez.
Ricky ended up being one the Ariana"s dancers in April 2014 before talk the a relationship between the 2 was sparked when they kissed ~ above stage throughout a 2015 live show.
Ariana and also Ricky dated for just over a year before she tweeted "life is wild and change is f***ing fantastic" and also hinted that the couple"s relationship had concerned an end.
The couple were caught up in an infamous scandal after ~ they visited a doughnut shop and were filmed covertly licking doughnuts, conveniently being slammed by both fans and also the press, prior to issuing a windy apology on Twitter.
Neither Ariana no one Ricky has spoken out about the factors behind their split but they"re on good terms currently after he joked around being name checked in "thank u, next" and also it was laughs every around.

Ariana Grande and also Mac Miller

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Ariana"s longest relationship was (publicly) 2 years lengthy with the so late rapper and also singerMalcolm James McCormick AKA Mac Miller.
They first hooked increase in 2013 as soon as they collaborated on track "The Way", but only go public in 2016 after being spotted cozying increase in various places, with Ariana coyly confirming the relationship throughout an figure on Ellen after posting an Instagram that them with the caption "baby."
Mac supported Ariana ~ the Manchester attacks in 2017 and also the couple were quiet together once Ari released "No Tears Left to Cry" and performed it in ~ Coachella back in April 2018.
Fans were totally shocked when the pair ended in might 2018, however Ariana quickly defined how she couldn"t date a male "who couldn"t keep his sh*t together" and struggled v his sobriety- Mac to be arrested after totalling his car whilst steering drunk job after their break-up was announced.
They to be a pair for just under two years, however tragically Mac miller passed away in September 2018 ~ a drug overdose in ~ the age of 26.
In both she "thank u, next" and also "Positions" albums, Ariana drops subtle lyrics about missing Mac.
In "just prefer magic" she sings, "Take mine pen andwritesomelove letters to Heaven."

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

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In what had actually been a complete whirlwind romance, SNL comedian/actor Pete Davidson and Ariana gained together after spending time together as soon as she appeared on the comedy show in 2018, telling her tour manager, "I"m going to marry the man" after working in the writers room with him.

The pair quickly came to be inseparable before confirming their engagement simply weeks after getting together and she dropped a whole track titled "pete davidson" on she album, "Sweetener".

However, after a issue of month of gift engaged, Ariana and also Pete split and Pete also deleted his Instagram account fuelling the rumours the it hadn"t ended on great terms.

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It"s been argued that the death of Mac Miller and its result on Ariana play a big part in the couple"s split, but that has remained unconfirmed together the pair remain silent top top the factors behind their separation although she discussed in a 2019 interview v Vogue it to be "never going to last".

She touched greatly on the separation in her album "thank u, next" with tracks "In mine Head", "ghostin", and of course, "thank u, next", therefore if you want any more tea, have a huge ol" hear party!