Unless girlfriend were staying clear of the news yesterday, you'll understand that Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga just dropped a new duet dubbed "Rain top top Me," and it's currently shipping up to be the hottest anthem of the summer. In addition to the struggle single, the duo additionally released a music video clip in which they're both boasting waist-length hair and also white graphic eyeliner. To celebrate the video's grand debut, Grande took a stab in ~ re-creating the funny liner look at on her own, and also it turned out seriously impressive.

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The 26-year-old singer confirmed off her version of the eye watch on her Instagram Stories and also tagged Michael Anthony — aka the assembly artist who originally made that happen. Unlike Gaga's eyeliner, which was shaded in, Grande's to be left open up to offer it more of one abstract and futuristic feel. It's additionally worth noting the Anthony provided Grande her signature black wing under the white liner to include an extra dimension to the look.

Courtesy the Instagram/

Courtesy the Instagram/
While Grande didn't reveal what commodities she offered to re-create the eye look, us think it's safe to say any white liquid or gel eyeliner will carry out the trick. Consist of For Ever's Aqua XL octopus Eye Liner in Matte White and the Marc Jacobs beauty, beauty Fineliner Ultra-Skinny gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in (Big)Eyes! room both excellent choices that space opaque and long-lasting.

What's more: You might take a cue from makeup artist buy it Tanno, who supplied shade 911 from the Haus Laboratories Stupid Love palette to attain Gaga's heavy white wing. We recommend making use of an angled eyeliner brush if you're going because that a look prefer Grande's, as it provides you the most regulate when doing a winged-out look v eye shadow. An additional tip? Dampen the brush first to make certain the shadow is as pigmented together possible.

Props to the pop star for such a cool recreation — and also for motivating us to shot a graphic liner look favor this soon.

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