After nearly two weeks of teasing she gargantuan pan base with behind-the-scenes snaps and also snippets, Ariana Grande has finally dropped she “thank u, next” music video. With referrals from Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Bring that On, and also 13 walking on 30, the five-and-a-half minute video is a delightful romp with early-2000’s cinematic iconography, and also with its overtones that pink, sparkles, and retro fashion, it’s together gorgeous for the eyes as it is for the ears. And also with so much fetch contents to see, we produced the considerable reference guide to the video.

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The video clip opens with a Mean Girls-style intro that the “Dangerous Woman” singer released on Tuesday, happen comedian Colleen Ballinger (a.k.a. YouTube personality Miranda Sings), singer Troye Sivan, YouTuber Gabi DeMartino, Mean girls actress Stefani Drummond, and an ext on display screen to rave around their Ariana obsessions.

Continuing to salary homage come the 2004 Tina Fey comedy, “thank u, next”‘s first verse is played over shots the Grande flipping through her variation of the Burn Book, title “thank u, next” i beg your pardon is half-cute and also half-serial-killer scary, through cutout letters, pasting in picture of the exes she mentions in the song’s first couple of lines (notice on large Sean’s web page she wrote, “So cute. Therefore sweet. (Can still gain it).” We watch you, Ari!) Ex-fiancé Pete Davidson’s Burn book page has actually a telling note scribbled down: “Pete” is created inside a heart; “I love you always” is jotted down the ideal side; and “HUUUGE” runs throughout the bottom, recalling a to run joke about Davidson being well-endowed.

As the 25-year-old croons “Even virtually got married, and for Pete I’m so thankful,” Grande croons, she also writes “sry ns dipped.”

Then, Grande struts v the halls that a recreated phibìc Shore High with her Mean girls lookalikes. Grande is the Queen punishment of the popular music music scene at the moment, so she fit right right into her function as Regina George, the onscreen HBIC, originally played through Rachel McAdams. Jonathan Bennett reprises his role from the film as dreamy Aaron Samuels, and also Grande’s longtime friend and collaborator Elizabeth Gillies (Dynasty) — that Grande has previously worked with ~ above the Nickelodeon series Victorious and the 2008 Broadway pat 13 — portrays “homeschooled tropical freak” Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan). Grande’s near friends Courtney Chipolone and also Alexa Luria (who’s holding she chest in a nod to she character’s capacity to guess the weather through her breasts) rounded the end the Plastics, standing in for Lacey Chabert’s constantly overlooked Gretchen Wieners and Amanda Seyfried’s lovably dull Karen Smith, respectively.

All that the gibbs in the video clip wear clothes comparable to those indigenous the Mean girl scene indigenous the phibìc Shore jungle, ahem, mall, yet Grande’s outfit made one important deviation: Regina George’s tank top initially reads “A small bit DRAMATIC,” but Grande’s swapped “DRAMATIC” for “NEEDY,” and also the word on the Twitter-street is the “Needy” will certainly be a track on Grande’s next album and also possibly even her following single.

To truly perform Mean girl justice, the “thank u, next” plastic had to execute the top “Jingle Bell Rock” dance from the winter talent show, and also Grande and her did not disappoint. Kris zener made one appearance as Mrs. George (Amy Poehler), donning a infant pink tracksuit and also frantically videotaping her daughter together she dances along to the too-risqué-for-high-school performance.

Keeping v the at an early stage millennium vibe, Grande then jumps to Bring that On, where, in addition to her Victorious co-star Matt Bennett, she recreates the this brushing scene from the cheerleading classic. Next up, Grande is on a bed, shower red and black pom poms á la Kirsten Dunst — through a poster on her wall of an ice ska who, judging by the autograph jotted across the page, is her real-life brother Frankie Grande — before leading a cheerleading formation at a high school football game. Victorious co-star Daniella Monet mr up for a minute as a member that the red-outfitted Toros (although their outfits say “TUN” here in a reference to the track’s title), and also Grande’s back-up singers Victoria Monét and Tayla Parx, that accompanied Grande ~ above Ellen for right now her just live power of “thank u, next,” make cameos together members of the eastern Compton Clovers.

Then, Grande transforms right into Jennifer Garner’s Jenna Rink native 13 going on 30. as she sings the bridge (“One work I’ll walk under the aisle, holdin’ hands with my mama / I’ll be thankin’ my dad, ’cause she flourished from the drama”), she tote a version of the 2004 rom-com’s Barbie Dream residence with small cutouts the a photograph of the singer v shoulder-length hair she enraged on Instagram top top Nov. 15. And she’s currently scored the approval that 13 star note Ruffalo.

Finally, Grande sneaks into one last movie native the early-aughts: Legally Blonde. She hops out of a black Porsche with her beagle-chihuahua mix Toulouse as the pair cosplays fiercely feminine regulation student Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) and also her loyal pup Bruiser. One crucial note for significant Ariana fans: the car has a vanity plate reading “7 RINGS,” i m sorry is allegedly one more track from a forthcoming album. A pan account posted this shoot of a possible track perform from Grande’s “Breathin'” music video clip on Nov. 8.

Before the final chorus, the video cuts come a scene of Grande and also Jennifer Coolidge within “Neptune’s beauty Nook,” the nail salon from Legally Blonde where a distressed Elle first meets she partner-in-justice and fellow dog lover, Paulette Bonafonté. As with in the film, the 2 chat around their exes, with Grande once again do a “Pete has actually an above-average penis” joke. “He was yes, really cute,” she tells Coolidge, pull on in Paulette’s all-denim ensemble. “And it was, that was really big.” The little goes on to disclose that the conversation is a little cleaner than we expected: the women space talking about large teeth, not various other oversized body parts.

Next come shots of standard Legally Blonde recreated scenes: Elle law the “bend and snap,” on the treadmill in former of her retro orange MacBook, and also studying regulation — notably, Grande is flipping through a textbook titled “Immigration and Refugee Law and also Politics,” maybe in a subtle nod to the present immigration crisis in the U.S. — in a bikini if football-playing grad students look on. During the “bend and snap” portion, a mail delivery man reflects up come dance through Coolidge, however instead that UPS, the job svxcialistoufjg.comn ~ above his uniform states “BDE,” yet another Penis Davidson joke (BDE was standing for big d— energy, and it originally came indigenous a Twitter subject describing Davidson’s i was sure demeanor).

As the video clip then intersperses shots from the Mean girl scenes, audiences can likvxcialistoufjg.comise see Bennett hold his Burn Cookbook, i beg your pardon he released on Oct. 3, a.k.a. The unofficial Mean girls day.

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Now we deserve to confidently to speak the tune and the long-awaited video are both smashes, but with all the hints at Grande’s next projects sprinkled transparent the entertain short, we’ll be saying “thank you, next” till the next track drops.