Ariel Winter’s life changed forever over a decade earlier when she took on the role of Alex Dunphy ~ above Modern Family. We’ve basically seen the star prosper up top top the show, she was just 11 years old throughout the an initial season.

that course, she has actually done some farming up because then, as a 22-year-old nowadays. We’ll take a look at photos showing just just how much she has changed in the current years – in several of these pics, Winter watch unrecognizable contrasted to what she offered to look favor as a kid, during her an initial season top top the show.

gain the post folks, and like always be certain to share it with a friend. Below are 14 photos showing exactly how much Ariel Winter’s readjusted since modern-day Family’s very first season.

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14 Early contemporary Family Days

although her duty as Alex Dunphy was no Ariel"s first-ever function on TV (she played in an illustration of Listen Up! before that), it"s safe to assume it was she breakout role.

She made she debut as one of the Dunphy youngsters in 2009, and also it"s clean from the photo above that she has adjusted A LOT since then.

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13 A Cutie In 2012

This photograph was taken around 3 years since her debut on Modern Family in 2009, and it"s evident that she had already started to grow up by that point.

Ariel to visit the grand opening the Cars land in June of 2012, and also based on her attire, she to be already turning into a young teenager.

12 sag Awards

Ariel Winter to visit the prestigious display screen Actors Guild Awards in 2012 put on a rather mature-looking grey dress.

She can have just been 14 year old at the time, however this Dunphy boy was already transforming heads. Us wonder what her on-screen dad Phil, had to say around the method Winter looked for the event.

11 tho A child At Heart

In 2012, ~ some major allegations, Ariel Winter"s sister Shanelle Workman, ended up being her permanent guardian.

it can"t have been straightforward for the Modern Family star to attend to such unfortunate problems with she real family at such a young age, however it looks like even at 15 year old, Winter was already a maturation teenager.

10 Cute and also Casual

As previously mentioned, Ariel faced lots of personal issues at a young age, for this reason it"s not so stunner to believe that she was doing work such together running errands at 15 years old.

The star to be spotted out and about in Beverly Hills feather cute and also casual, attract an overlapping t-shirt and some jean shorts.

9 18 and Flirty

There"s no denying that Ariel Winter to be a cute kid once she made her debut, however when she turn 18, the star really adjusted up she style.

She was photographed v her boyfriend at the moment Laurent Claude Gaudette, as the two hit increase a popular hotspot in LA. The 18-year-old wore a rather revealing shirt for the date.

8 Burgundy Dress

The TV star attend the 2014 gold Globes alongside she Modern Family co-stars. She wore a beautiful burgundy gown, and she looked for sure stunning.

By the point, it began to become an extremely clear the Ariel was cultivation up before our eyes. Us can’t believe how various she looks contrasted to her previously days on the show.

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7 Red Carpet Event

her Modern Family cast-mate, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (who plays she uncle Mitchell Pritchett on the show) seemingly had the very same reaction us all had actually when seeing Ariel Winter display up come the red carpet for the 2015 screen Actors Guild Awards, attract a classy white dress.

The dress hugged the actress" body in every the ideal places, and also it"s clear that she feeling confident the night.

6 opened Up around Her Insecurities

gift in the spotlight 24/7 can"t be easy, specifically with people constantly looking because that something to criticize you for. Ariel Winter did no let anyone protect against her from opening up about some of her physical insecurities, and also she did not shy away from publicly announcing her breast reduction surgery in 2015.

one admirable decision, to say the least.

5 Coachella

In 2016, Ariel attended the famous music and also arts festival, and let"s just say she did no go unnoticed.

The outfit she wore come the event was fairly daring, come say the least, however it looks like the Modern Family star was having actually a an excellent time and also did not treatment one bit around what people had come say about her low-cut top and short jean shorts.

4 easy A

This pic really shows how much the Modern Family star has actually grown, rocking the easy A outfit; it definitely makes us look at she differently.

that knows what the future holds for the Modern Family star. There is no a doubt, she’ll be just as successful, wherever her career takes her.

“Happy Halloween. #tbt to me together Pamela Anderson for #halloween 2018. What are all of you doing and wearing tonight!”

when it pertains to playing dress-up top top Halloween, Winter never disappoints, she wardrobes constantly turn heads. It was specifically true for her Pamela Anderson costume; fans just might not look away.

“Cotton candy mixed with a lil ginger + sporty spice.”

Yup, this snapshot definitely mirrors us just how much the Modern Family star has changed, she looks like a entirely different human being in the IG short article above. Surely, we’ll see a various side of the Modern Family star in the future, as she take away on different roles.

1 obtaining In Shape

In case you didn’t know, Ariel Winter is a beast in the gym and the load room. She takes her training an extremely seriously and also we’ve viewed snippets in the previous posted to she Snapchat and IG accounts.

below we acquire a candid shoot of the Modern Family star ~ above the means to the gym, caught by the paparazzi.

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sources – IG, Twitter & everyday Mail

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