The info presented top top this web page is certain to Barrett, The Honors university at Arizona State University. The is existing as the September 2020 and will be updated following the 21st work of the fall 2021 semester. To evaluation facts around, visit

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Total Barrett enrollment (all four campuses)6,986
Downtown campus579
Polytechnic campus323
Tempe campus5,757
West campus327

Student to faculty ratio in classes teach by Honors university faculty15 come 1
Number of incoming national Scholars (fall 2020)91 nationwide Merit Finalists130 university Board national Recognition recipients
Number of national Merit Scholars full in Barrett402
Number of college Board national Recognition recipients total in Barrett392

Incoming in-state / out-of-state student (fall 2021)69%/31%
Top 5 claims of beginning (outside the Arizona) full in BarrettCalifornia (464)Texas (174)Illinois (166)Colorado (120)New Mexico (112)
Top 5 nations of beginning (other than US) complete in BarrettIndia (73)Mexico (24)China (21)Canada (21)South Korea (10)

Notes of Distinction

Barrett, The Honors college at Arizona State University uses students the “best the both worlds,” an interpretation they have the right to take advantage of all the a research I, Pac-12 university has to offer while life in a ar of encouraged students and supportive faculty and also staff.

A 15-to-1 student-faculty ratio provides students the possibility to type helpful relationships through their instructors.

Honors scholastic advisors provide students with personalized aid on their honors college journey, including the honors undergraduate thesis.

Student services staff communicate students in program and activities intentionally designed to enhance their honors college experiences.


Barrett students at the nation’s premier undergraduate honors college benefit from the huge resources and also opportunities at, the nation’s largest Research I institution which lives in the 5th largest city area in the unified States and also boasts an enrollment of end 119,000 students examining in more than 350 areas of academic inquiry. Barrett takes that strong structure and boosts the undergraduate honors community environment in a variety of ways. Honors students are members of a community of scholars who advantage from the personalized attention and dedication to to teach of an ext than 40 Honors Faculty Fellows, direct access to college deans, and also assistance from experienced staff. In addition to these full-time honors college personnel over there are an ext than 1,800 university faculty who teach and also mentor Barrett students throughout all four campuses.

 Top in national and also international scholarships


Arizona State college is a perennial top-producer that Fulbright recipients. For eleven continuous years, has been among the peak 20 colleges in the united state for recipients that this prestigious fellowship, and is the second highest-ranking public university. Funded by the united state Department the State, the Fulbright us Student Program provides full-cost awards to support yearlong post-graduate study, research, artistic, and also teaching experiences in end 140 countries.

The Chronicle of greater Education has named together a optimal producer of Fulbright compensation winners.

The Lorraine W. Open minded Office of national Scholarships Advisement (ONSA), housed in the Barrett Honors College complicated at the Tempe campus, helps students certain nationally-competed scholarships and fellowships, including Fulbright, Truman, Rhodes, Udall, Goldwater and also NSEP. Numerous of the recipients of these prestigious awards room Barrett students and alumni. and Barrett Honors college recruit the highest variety of Flinn Scholars, that are amongst the ideal students in the state that Arizona.


American Campus Communities, the nation’s largest developer the residential communities, invest $140 million to construct the country’s first comprehensive four-year residential honors university campus at a top-tier research I university.

This intentionally-designed community, Barrett Honors college at the Tempe campus, opened in 2009 and is now recognized nationally for offering students through university sources that do for a unique and exceptional honors experience.

Students, faculty and also staff designed the nine-acre honors facility that consists of living an are for 1,700 students, 12 internet-connected classrooms, conference rooms, a college student lounge, a multi-room dining facility featuring a refectory modeled after the Oxford dining hall, and also faculty, administration and employee offices.

The style and role of the Barrett Honors College complex has to be the topic of conversation at nationwide Collegiate Honors council conferences.

National accolades

Public university Honors, one online evaluation of honors colleges throughout the country by man Willingham, rates Barrett Honors college in the top classification for its solid honors program, support for students, well-appointed residence halls, and a dean, faculty and staff cursed to college student success.

PrepScholar ranking Barrett Honors college No. 1 ~ above its list of the ideal honors colleges in the U.S., citing Barrett’s signature honors courses, avenues for student to complete honors research and also theses, the Barrett creating Center, honors study abroad and an international programs.

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In a piece published in The new York Times, columnist frank Bruni listed that Barrett Honors university is “widely taken into consideration the yellow standard” of honors institutions and pointed out that Barrett combine an academically identified student body v “the scale, eclecticism and also sprawling resources of a huge university. It’s two experiences in one.”

Bruni additionally wrote around and also Barrett Honors college in his publication “Where You walk Is Not that You’ll Be: one Antidote to the university Admissions Mania”.