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Minnesota Law

Under Minnesota law, the department of Public safety ( is required to i have announced a list of states which have handgun lug permit legislations that room not comparable to Minnesota’s permit-to-carry law.Minnesota permit-to-carry regulation is M.S. 624.714. Subdivision 16 deals with “recognition of permits from other states.”

States with regulations NOT comparable to Minnesota (not precious in Minnesota)

​GeorgiaNew HampshireWashington
​HawaiiNew YorkWisconsin
​IndianaNorth Carolina​Wyoming

Out the State Permits valid in Minnesota

Alaska​Kentucky​​North Dakota (Class 1 license only)
​DelawareLouisianaRhode Island
Idaho (Enhanced permit only)Michigan​South Carolina
​IllinoisNew Jersey​South Dakota (Enhanced allow only)
KansasNew MexicoWest Virginia (Regular allow only)

The West Virginia Regular permit has been added as a valid out-of-state permit due to the fact that it needs a minimum period of 21 and mandates maintain that has live-fire shooting.Nevada has actually been withdrawn together a similar state since age 21 is no much longer the minimum age for all permit applicants. Minnesota law requires every applicants to it is in at the very least 21 years old, without exception.

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As directed by the law, will each year review state laws governing the issuance of patent to bring weapons and will publish an updated list on the website each year.
Please note that the permit issued by her state does not supersede Minnesota"s laws or regulations. Legal command in your state may not it is in legal in Minnesota.