Helena-West Helena Officer Travis Wallace to be shot and killed in the line of duty Nov. 12.(Dr. Avery Dale)
HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. (WMC) - one Arkansas police officer who died Thursday in the heat of duty is being referred to as a “true leader” that loved his community.

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Helena-West Helena Officer Travis Wallace, 41, passed away after a gun fight with a want suspect who was later caught in Mississippi through U.S. Marshals.


Helena-West Helena Officer Travis Wallace to be shot and also killed in the heat of duty Nov. 12.(HWHPD Police cook James Smith)

Police chief James Smith stated Wallace to be a leader in the department he’d been through for five years and called the a “brother that admired this community.”

“My condolences go the end to the Wallace family and all that were affiliated in initiatives to apprehend both suspects,” claimed Smith. “We must understand that no one has actually won, although we recognize our ar shall was standing strong.”


Helena-West Helena Officer Travis Wallace was shot and killed in the heat of duty Nov. 12.(Dr. Avery Dale)

Governor Asa Hutchinson readily available his condolences come Wallace’s family and also fellow police officers Friday afternoon in ~ a briefing from the state capitol. The branch ordered flags flown at half-staff in the fallen officer’s memory.

Smith says Wallace leaves behind his mother, two children and also a host of sisters and brothers. Wallace’s family says he had sole custody the his 10-year-old son.

Helena-West Helena mayor Kevin smith released a statement Friday, saying Wallace’s ns is one the echos v the tiny community.

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“Officer Travis Wallace is just one of our own, and also one of ours best. He passed away courageously in the the supervisory board of his job, protecting and serving ours community,” claimed Mayor Smith. “This cut deep for all of us. Mine heart division for the family of Officer Wallace. This tragic loss is additionally a loss because that his colleagues, because that our family at City Hall, and for our entire community. My wife, Sissy, and I knew Travis. She observed him earlier this week at the college where she teaches, as he did his task looking out for school children.”

The market commended the Helena-West Helena police department and also all legislation enforcement agencies connected in the find for the suspects connected to Wallace’s death.

“I to be proud of chief Smith, and all regulation enforcement who efficiently ended an all-night manhunt and pursuit in 2 states, to apprehend the suspect wanted for this heinous act. I pray that all of God’s wrath and also judgment crushes down promptly on the human who walk this, and also that justice is served," stated Mayor Smith. "I pray additionally that our neighborhood sees this for the day of reckoning the is, and also that we begin to challenge as a community the tragic results of total violence in ours streets and also neighborhoods. We room -- all of us -- responsible at some level because that our community. Ours leaders and also citizens alike must do what Officer Wallace did, and also confront v courage the evil the lurks among us, and threatens our neighbors and also ourselves.”