Today ns am fulfilling a commitment i made to publish a list of all clergy credibly accused that child sex-related abuse in the Diocese that Arlington. I made this meeting in the expect that providing such a list might help some victims and survivors of clergy sex-related abuse to uncover further healing and consolation.

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The posting of this perform will bring a range of emotions for every one of us. Embarrassment, frustration, anger and also hurt room all herbal emotions to endure in a time such as this. Ns share those emotions.

Today I additionally renew mine commitment to proceed to implement ours policies and also protocols, created in accord with the United claims Catholic Conference of Bishops" 2002 Charter because that the security of Children and Young People. These have proven come be reliable in avoiding abuse, standardizing reporting measures to legit authorities and investigating allegations of sexual abuse of minors. Please understand that i remain proactively engaged in addressing these issues and pursuing ways to enhance our existing efforts.

For victims and survivors of sexual abuse through members of the clergy, i remain open to meeting v you and also hearing your stories. Having met with many victims and also survivors of sexual abuse, both in group settings and in separation, personal, instance meetings, I proceed to be inspired by her strength and also your resolve.

I am deep sorry because that what has actually happened come you. You have the right to be assured and confident of my ongoing pastoral care.

Through the mercy that God, might all who have suffered in the Diocese of Arlington together a an outcome of clergy sexual abuse obtain healing. Might Mary, mother of the Church, pray for united state that us go front under God"s guidance towards a future in which all of God"s youngsters are safe and secure.



Sincerely in Christ,


Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge Bishop of Arlington

Priests Credibly Accused of sex-related Abuse the a Minor

The perform is being published after a complete review of every clergy documents by experienced and independent examiners (former FBI personnel) who were provided full accessibility to all information and files native the history of the Diocese that Arlington since its founding in 1974. In enhancement to this review, every pertinent details was also fully considered by the Arlington Diocesan testimonial Board.

Established after the implementation that the Charter for the protection of Children and Young People (2002) and consisting greatly of lay men and women, the Diocesan review Board examines allegations of sexual abuse of minors through clergy and makes recommendations to the Bishop concerning the credibility of the allegations. Before the evaluation Board"s deliberations, the Diocese an initial reports an allegation to law enforcement and also provides them all obtainable related information.

The Diocese cooperates through legal authorities and ensures the its inner investigation does no interfere v their investigation. The Diocesan review Board then assesses the credibility of the allegation received. The is the exercise of the Diocese the Arlington to administer support and also assistance come anyone who has actually been sexually abused, whether or no the credibility the the accusation has been established and regardless of even if it is the abuser was a cleric. 

The names on the list below were taken into consideration by the Diocesan review Board, i m sorry then gave its referral that this names be published. Bishop Burbidge embraced its recommendation.

Priests top top the list listed below have been accused of sexual abuse of a child and also meet at least one of the following criteria:

The accused admitted guilt;There has been a determination of guilt in a criminal court, civil court or by an ecclesiastical process;The Arlington or Richmond Diocesan testimonial Board found the allegation to be credible.

According to diocesan protocol, the faithful have been advised of the surname of priests in spiritual orders or from other dioceses who have served in the Diocese the Arlington and also whose names have actually been previously published by various other sources because that credible allegations of sexual abuse of minors. The list have the right to be found

The Diocese published a “Frequently asked Questions” record that addresses plenty of of the inquiries raised in current months:

The commitments of the Diocese pertaining to eradicating and addressing clergy sexual abuseWhat the Diocese does when it receive an allegation of sexual abuse that a minorWhether the Diocese"s policies and procedures have been the review by a third-party organizationHow we protect against child sex-related abuse in our parishes, schools, and ministriesHow lay people are connected in help the Bishop produce a safe environment for childrenWhat the Diocesan review Board is and also how it functionsWhether priests who room credibly accused of sexual abuse that a minor can be eliminated from ministry permanentlyIf the Diocese has paid settlements regarded child sex-related abuse cases and how those settlements were paidHow our seminarians are preserved safe, as well as how they room screened before entering seminary formation

 That resource can be discovered here:

Note: This perform is noted based top top information easily accessible at the time it is published. If the need arises to add names to this list based on the criteria defined above, the Diocese will carry out so.

A list of priests credibly accused of sex-related abuse of a boy has additionally been released by the Diocese of Richmond. Go to to check out that list.


Priests Incardinated come the Diocese that Arlington

NameYear of bear / OrdinationIncardinated in Arlington DioceseRemoved native Public MinistryStatus
Robert C. BrooksYear of Birth: 1932Year that Ordination: 1961 (Diocese the Richmond)19742004Retired through no active ministry/faculties: 2006
Christopher M. BucknerYear that Birth: 1952Year the Ordination: 1980NA2007Father Buckner was accused that the sexual abuse that a boy in 2007 and was automatically removed indigenous public ministry. The accusation was uncovered to it is in credible through the Diocesan evaluation Board. Dad Buckner contests the recognize of the Diocesan testimonial Board. Due to bad health, the waived his right to more canonical recourse, and by common agreement between him and the Diocese, that retired there is no faculties to practice priestly ministry in 2018. This commitment was approved by the divine See.
Curtis L. ClarkYear of Birth: 1946Year of Ordination: 1987NA2003Laicized: 2004
William J. ErbacherYear of Birth: 1946Year that Ordination: 1987NA2001Deceased: 2021. Command to live a life of prayer and penance through the divine See: 2010
Andrew W. KrafcikYear that Birth: 1927Year the Ordination: 1959 (Diocese the Richmond)19842002Deceased: 2021. Dismissed from the clerical state: 2004
Christopher J. MouldYear the Birth: 1959Year of Ordination: 1988NA2019No active ministry/faculties: 2019
John J. MunleyYear that Birth: 1924Year the Ordination: 1954 (Diocese that Richmond)1975NADeceased:1995
Tran Dinh NhiYear of Birth: 1944Year the Ordination: 197119802006Father Nhi to be accused of the sexual abuse of a young in 2006; that was instantly removed from public ministry. The accusation was uncovered to it is in credible by the Diocesan testimonial Board. Father Nhi contests the recognize of the Diocesan testimonial Board. He continues to be removed indigenous public to adjust pending a last determination the his canonical status.
William T. ReineckeYear of Birth: 1939Year that Ordination: 1965 (Diocese of Richmond)1974NADeceased: 1992
Stephen A. RoszelYear that Birth: 1951Year that Ordination: 1977NA2003No energetic ministry/faculties: 2003
Clarence N. WatkinsYear of Birth: 1933Year the Ordination: 1967 (Diocese the Richmond)1974NADeceased: 2012


Religious order Priests

NameYear the BirthYear that OrdinationRemoved from Public MinistryStatus
Scott A. Asalone, O.F.M. Cap. (Capuchin Friars, Capuchin district of the Stigmata)195619831993Dismissed indigenous his spiritual order: 2007. Arrested 2020.
Richard P. Baird, C.PP.S. (Missionaries of the precious Blood)19121940NADeceased: 1996. Father Baird to be posthumously accused of sexual abuse that a minor. The allegation was investigated and also found credible by the Missionaries the the priceless Blood
Roger A. McQuarrie, O.F.M. (Franciscan Friars, holy Name Province)19241950NADeceased: 1995.


Richmond Diocese Priests later on Incardinated right into Arlington Diocese

*Priests in this perform were originally ordained because that the Diocese that Richmond and later to be incardinated in the Diocese that Arlington after it was created in 1974. They to be posthumously accused of the sex-related abuse the a minor. The cases (all alleged to have taken place before 1974) to be investigated and also found credible through the Diocese the Richmond review Board.

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NameYear of birth / OrdinationIncardinated in Arlington DioceseRemoved from Public MinistryStatus
Leo P. CreamerYear of Birth: 1918Year of Ordination: 19441974NADeceased: 1991
Harris M. FindlayYear the Birth: 1914Year of Ordination: 19411974NADeceased: 1980
Paul J. KamerdzeYear that Birth: 1942Year the Ordination: 19701974NADeceased: 1984
Robert E. NuddYear that Birth: 1922Year that Ordination: 19491974NADeceased: 1978
John W. ReaYear the Birth: 1918Year that Ordination: 19451974NADeceased: 2002
Austin L. RyderYear that Birth: 1915Year the Ordination: 19481974NADeceased: 1981


The Arlington Diocese was founded in 1974. Clergymans who offered in the current boundaries of the Arlington Diocese prior to 1974 and have to be credibly accused of sexual abuse the a minor would have been the evaluation by the Richmond Diocese review Board. The Richmond Diocese priest abuse list deserve to be discovered here:

Note: In 2012, allegations were lugged to the Diocese of Arlington regarding Father Terry Specht. In keeping with policy, the allegations were instantly reported to law enforcement and Father Specht was inserted on bureaucratic leave. The Arlington Diocesan evaluation Board was not able to concerned a decision as to the credibility of the accusations versus Father Specht. Further, law enforcement has not brought any kind of charges or ongoing the investigation. Not lengthy after being put on leave, Father"s health became such the he requested and also was granted clinical retirement. He now lives in retirement, does not have actually faculties because that priestly ministry, and also will not return to priestly ministry.