By Dr. Allison Finkelstein, an elderly Historian, Arlington nationwide Cemetery

During the may 1943 Memorial work ceremony at Memorial Amphitheater, a woman serving in the Navy’s tide (Women welcomed for Volunteer Emergency Service) and a soldier give a salute. (Library the Congress)

As the epicenter of the nation’s official Memorial job observance, May has traditionally been among the busiest months because that Arlington nationwide Cemetery (ANC). Families, veterans, tourists and school teams come from about the country to visit gravesites and explore our sacred grounds. Soldiers native the U.S. Army’s 3rd Infantry Regiment (“The Old Guard”) meticulously location American flags at every grave. In ~ Memorial Amphitheater, ANC master the national Memorial work Observance, and also a an elderly government main lays a wreath in ~ the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In ceremonies big and small at our numerous memorials, and in an individual moments the reflection in ~ the tombs of loved ones, Memorial Day in ~ Arlington has remained a deeply meaningful experience because that the past 152 years.

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This year, Memorial work will definitely be various with the closure that the cemetery to the public because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, commemoration continues at Arlington national Cemetery, and staff remain passionately devoted to ours mission of honoring the nation’s business members. While our commemorative activities normally focus on in-person ceremonies and also the strength of visiting a grave, we think that commemoration deserve to take numerous forms. Commemoration can be educational: teaching world of every ages around the individuals and events we memorialize. It can include using social media come raise awareness of military sacrifice and those interred here. The can also take the form of online exhibits that carry our background into her home.

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Most importantly, commemoration can occur through of plot of service to rather in a time that need. These varieties of commemoration have the right to be just as powerful as attending a ceremony—and they make the affect of Memorial Day at Arlington nationwide Cemetery truly nationwide in scope.

As Memorial work approaches, us invite girlfriend to join in our digital commemorations, and we room proud to offer the adhering to resources come the public.