ARMED forces DAY

Armed forces Day on the third Saturday in may pays tribute come the armed forces personnel serving in the unified States armed Forces. The celebration bring away place annually during equipped Forces Week.

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The united States army is created of six branches, consisting of the Army, Airforce, space Force, Navy, marine Corps, and Coast Guard. As of 2019, an ext than 1.3 million active-duty service members space stationed in the unified States and around the world. Second 800,000 reservists stand all set in the military National Guard and also the Air nationwide Guard. The holiday unites the nation behind the men and women who currently serve in the United claims military.

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Volunteer for a veteran company that support those who are deployed. Organize treatment packages for organization members or their families. Acknowledge a organization member, you know. Learn much more about the background of each branch that the military and how it has actually evolved. Discover an ext about your family’s military history, too. Many importantly, show support because that those right now serving in the armed Forces. Call them. Write to them. Send castle a message and let them recognize you assistance them and also respect the selections they’ve made come serve. Usage #ArmedForcesDay to write-up on society media.


It was with the idea because that citizens to come together and also thank our military members for your patriotic company in assistance of our nation that chairman Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish this single holiday. The one-day celebration climate stemmed from the unification of the equipped Forces under the department of Defense. On august 31, 1949, Secretary that Defense louis Johnson announced the development of an equipped Forces day to change separate Army, Navy, marine Corps, U.S. Shore Guard, and also Air pressure Days.

The very first observance on might 20, 1950, launched with parades, open up houses, receptions, and air shows.

1962 – President man F. Kennedy established equipped Forces Day together an main holiday.Bremerton, Washington master the united States’ longest-running city-sponsored armed Forces job Parade.2012 – Bremerton celebrated the 64th year that the Parade.

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