The apologize Watch collection 7 is may be Apple"s best wearable yet. You"ll desire to save that screen pristine, and a good screen protector is a an excellent way to go. Compare the apple Watch collection 7 to the apologize Watch series 6, it does have actually a bigger screen, so your old screen protectors won"t work. Every of the alternatives below comes in both the 41mm and also 45mm sizes unless otherwise noted. Below are several of the best screen protectors for the apple Watch series 7.

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Military grade: ArmorSuit MilitaryShield 8-Pack apple Watch collection 7 display Protector

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You"ll get eight of this well-priced, scratch-proof, ultra-tough, optically clear, military-grade, yellow-resistant display protectors in a package, sufficient to share with your buddies. Save extras ~ above hand in situation of mishaps. The 41mm and 45mm sizes are detailed separately.


For the totality family: EWUONU 8-Pack screen Protector for Apple Watch series 7

Get eight of these TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) film display screen protectors in this package, for this reason you"ll have plenty come share v friends and family (or extras if you apply it incorrectly). Every film is therefore thin that it won"t add any mass to her Apple Watch, even as that protects the screen from scratches and also cracks.


All-over protection: JZK 2-Pack to apologize Watch series 7 display Protector Case

Slap on this soft TPU case, which covers your Apple watch screen as well as the metal instance for all-over protection. It still allows 100% touchscreen accuracy and also 99.99% HD clarity and doesn"t interfere through charging. Gain two in a package.


Matte finish: Skinomi 6-Pack Matte display screen Protector for Apple Watch collection 7

This elastic polymer screen protector has actually a matte end up to minimize glare. The satin anti-glare material boosted visibility in bright environments. Gain six in a package. The 41mm and also 45mm sizes are sold under separate listings.


Total protection: Cuteey 3-Pack to apologize Watch collection 7 display screen Protector Case

The TPU case has a glossy finish, and also the display protector is built right in. No have to remove the situation while charging; the Apple clock is fully functional in ~ the case. You"ll acquire three in a package.

The ultra-clear and virtually indestructible display screen protector has actually a glass-like surface ar and advanced clarity. The shape is case-friendly, and installation is easier than ever. Friend only gain one in a package, but it does have actually a limited lifetime warranty.

Which of the finest screen protectors for the to apologize Watch series 7 have to you buy?

Which type of security is ideal for your watch relies on your needs. If you simply want a straightforward film to cover the screen, the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield 8-Pack apple Watch collection 7 display Protector supplies you great protection. Plus, v eight screen protectors in one well-priced package, you have the right to share v everyone you know who has the same version Apple Watch. Be certain to store some extras on hand if you mess up the applications or simply experience regular wear and tear end time.

If you"re trying to find a case and screen protector in one, or something friend can easily take on and off, inspect out the JZK 2-Pack apple Watch series 7 display Protector Case. You don"t have to commit come a full-time screen protector; you have the right to just use the TPU case/screen protector when you"re walk on some type of adventure where your apple Watch can be in ~ risk.

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