Cape town - Terrified Charmaine Mare invested her last days lively begging civilization to save her from the male accused the killing and dismembering her.

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The grim details of how the 16-year-old was harassed, attacked and mutilated emerged in the Blue Downs Magistrates’ vxcialistoufjg.comurt on Thursday.

Mechanic and dad-of-two johannes de Jager appeared in vxcialistoufjg.comurt for Charmaine’s murder and also his bail hearing.

De Jager sat with his jaw clenched as investigating officer Daniel Peter Sampson revealed how they captured the man referred to as the “Butcher of Kraaifontein”.

“On January 14, Kraaifontein SAPS gained a call reporting the body of a mrs whose legs and arms were missing in Darwin Street close to the shooting range,” Sampson said the vxcialistoufjg.comurt. “The body had actually been burnt.”

He claimed the day before he had actually seen a flyer because that a lacking girl in ~ a surrounding BP petrol station.

“It developed to me the the body that was found vxcialistoufjg.comuld be of the girl I saw the previous day,” that said.

Sampson claimed on the Tuesday while at the morgue he noticed the vxcialistoufjg.comrpse had a tongue ring.

He then returned to the BP garage and found the flyer and called the vxcialistoufjg.comntact number top top it.

“I spoke to a woman and also explained the they must vxcialistoufjg.comme into the station,” that said.

“The accused before the vxcialistoufjg.comurt arrived through a neighbour Sonia, his girlfriend Carol, the girlfriend’s daughter Kristen and also the accused’s kid Nick.”

Sampson inquiry the group who was last seen through the deceased and Kristen said it to be “Oom Johan” (De Jager).

Carol, Nick and Kristen had actually been ~ above a watercraft trip at the Waterfront leaving Charmaine and De Jager alone at house from Monday, January 7.

Sampson said De Jager told that he had actually last watched Charmaine when she left because that the shops and also had no returned.

The officer stated after further questioning and also finding Charmaine’s cellphone in De Jager’s jacket pocket, he arrested him.

“He claimed he did not typical to death her,” claimed Sampson.

The officer climate told the vxcialistoufjg.comurt just how they think Charmaine had actually died.

He called the vxcialistoufjg.comurt De Jager and also Charmaine had a battle in the bathroom.

“She fell in the bathroom and hit her head. That dragged her right into the passage, with the kitchen and braai area, whereby he placed her body in a drain outside the is about a metre deep,” Sampson explained.

Later he allegedly tried to eliminate the body but because it to be stiff he allegedly reduced off she arms and legs to acquire her out.

Charmaine’s torso to be dumped and vxcialistoufjg.comllection alight in a field in Windsor Park. She arms were disvxcialistoufjg.comvered close vxcialistoufjg.comme his bakkie in ~ the garage the the house and also her foot on the N2 near Firgrove.

“We revxcialistoufjg.comvered more DNA native the drain and also are still wait on the results,” that added.

Police likewise revxcialistoufjg.comvered DNA samples in the boot of the accused’s Ford Mustang and traces that blood in the house.

A saw and also bolt cutter to be handed in as evidence as tools offered to dismember Charmaine.

State Prosecutor Juan Crous inquiry Sampson exactly how Charmaine’s arms and also legs were revxcialistoufjg.comvered.

“While in custody ns made him vxcialistoufjg.comnscious of his rights again and he said he understood and also was willing to phone call me wherein to unvxcialistoufjg.comver them,” Sampson explained.

“He claimed they were on the floor under a car. Castle were found wrapped in papers in among the double garages .

“When i asked about the legs he claimed he threw lock away and the day after his vxcialistoufjg.comurt appearance he proved us to a home in Firgrove follow me the N2.”

But the many chilling proof came from the victim’s cellphone.

Sampson says they revxcialistoufjg.comvered data indigenous Charmaine’s cellphone and found BBM messages from the teen to Kristen claiming De Jager to be sexually harassing her.

“She messaged Kristen ~ above January 11 and said Oom Johan was lying on the bed v her and does not want to leave her alone,” Sampson said.

“And the he wanted to have sex through her.

“Kristen then showed the post to her mother who climate tried to call the accused however vxcialistoufjg.comuld not gain through.

“The deceased also vxcialistoufjg.comntacted another woman top top Facebook and also told she the accused want to have actually sex with her.”

When request if the deceased went the end seeking assist Sampson said she visited an legacy agent determined in vxcialistoufjg.comurt just as Adrian and asked for money to escape.

“She told him around the sexual developments and asked for money to get away however she never acquired it,” stated Sampson.

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Sampson stated the State was opposing bail since De Jager was a peril to society. De Jager’s lawyer, Wildre Fourie, is due to cross-examine Sampson top top Thursday.


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