The Standing absent Sioux Tribe and other cooperating company Tribes dubbed for beginning the Environmental influence Statement (EIS) process over, calling the “gravely off track” and also pointing come an noticeable conflict of interest v the contractor writing the EIS. The Tribe additionally submitted technological comments, which highlighted how the military Corps proceeds to overlook the Tribe’s input and also refuse to share technical documents.Read the press release.

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Dakota access files a petition because that certiorari, seeking supreme Court evaluation of the decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.Statement from Standing rock Sioux people Chairman Mike Faith: "It"s disheartening to watch yet an additional attempt by this company to evade accountability for creating a pipeline that trampled native sovereignty and also was met with historic opposition throughout Indian Country. The court-ordered environmental impact analysis is now underway, and the pipeline operator has come under scrutiny for repetitively violating safety regulations. We are confident the our legal success will stand up to this latest revolve of events, however regardless of the outcome, us will proceed to oppose building and construction of the Dakota accessibility Pipeline through our genealogical lands."
The Pipeline Hazardous Materials and also Safety administration fined DAPL and also put the agency on an alert for a perform of violations ranging from neglecting security repairs on release valves, come failing to appropriately analyze the volume and affect of an oil spill in densely populated (“high-consequence”) areas.The enforcement activity drew an immediate response from the U.S. Military Corps the Engineers, which it is registered a court filing to alarm a commonwealth judge come the current developments.Learn more.
A commonwealth district court approve an bespeak denying the Standing absent Sioux Tribe’s inquiry for one injunction that would have shut down the Dakota accessibility Pipeline when a commonwealth environmental affect analysis is conducted.“We think the Dakota access Pipeline is as well dangerous to operate and also should be shuttered when environmental and also safety effects are learned — but despite our best efforts, today’s injunction was no granted," said attorney january Hasselman. “The unacceptable danger of one oil spill, effects to tribal sovereignty and also harm to drinking water supply must all be examined extensively in the month ahead together the U.S. Military Corps conducts its testimonial of this pipeline.”Read the legitimate document.
Representatives from the Biden administration’s U.S. Military Corps of engineers indicated the the company will not shutter the Dakota accessibility Pipeline, despite the ongoing threats the poses come the Standing rock Sioux Tribe and the fact that that is operation without a federal permit.In a push conference, Brandon Mauai, Standing rock Sioux tribe Councilmember, and also Jan Hasselman, lawyer at, answer concerns from the media: · standing Rock and also market Reactions Following vital Court hearing on Dakota accessibility Pipeline

Letters sent to the Biden-Harris management support the Standing absent Sioux Tribe’s request to shut down the Dakota accessibility Pipeline when the eco-friendly review is underway.

The U.S. Court of Appeals because that the D.C. Circuit authorize a judgment upholding a commonwealth court’s decision the the U.S. Military Corps violated an essential environmental laws and requiring a full environmental influence statement to research the threats the controversial oil infrastructure poses to the Standing rock Sioux Tribe.
Pressure is mounting top top President-elect Joe Biden to shut under the Dakota access Pipeline. The Standing absent Sioux Tribe and exit a video clip entitled Tȟokáta Hé Miyé (My surname Is Future) come send a message to the incoming president the he can take a an initial step toward restoring balance by taking action to shut under DAPL, just as he has actually committed to execute with Keystone XL.
The Standing rock Sioux Tribe, along with other plaintiff Tribes, has actually renewed its inquiry for one injunction shutting under the pipeline. The inquiry was supported by declarations from Tribal staff, an economist, and a pipeline security expert. The activity will not be completely briefed and ready because that a decision until December.
The military Corps and also DAPL have actually filed their final briefs in the D.C. Circuit very nice one of the decision to call for an EIS and also shut down the pipeline. The briefing is currently complete.Oral discussion is at this time scheduled for Nov. 4, 2020.

Members that Congress, Tribes, State federal governments Formally Join contact to Shut down Dakota access Pipeline

Members that Congress, Tribes, and state federal governments today submitted briefs in assistance of shutting down the Dakota accessibility Pipeline come the D.C. Circuit Court that Appeals.
The Standing absent Sioux Tribe, along with other plaintiffs Tribes, filed their quick in the commonwealth court very nice of the order shutting under the pipeline.Read the legal document.
The Corps of engineers has announced the very first phase that the EIS procedure for the pipeline cross ordered through the district Court. The first phase will look at the “scope” that the EIS and alternatives to be considered. Comments space due Oct. 26, 2020.
The military Corps has updated the district Court around the status of the pipeline, which is now thought about an “encroachment” under commonwealth law. No timeline is given for finalizing their review, however the Corps announces that it will initiate the Environmental impact Statement procedure for the pipeline by Sept. 4.
The military Corps and DAPL have actually filed your appeals briefs with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. They difficulty virtually every little thing the district court did: native overturning the Corps’ National eco-friendly Policy plot findings, to ordering one Environmental influence Statement, come vacating the permits and shutting down the pipeline. The Tribe’s opposition is due in 3 weeks.
At a status conference, the district Court pressed the Corps because that answers ~ above what it would certainly do around DAPL"s illegal operations. A report is because of the Court by Aug. 31. After that, the Court will certainly schedule one more hearing.
On the work that had been initially collection as a deadline for shutting under the Dakota access Pipeline, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order the effectively allows oil to proceed flowing because that now.At the exact same time, the appeals court dissolved an bureaucratic stay, vacating the permit for the pipeline to cross underneath Lake Oahe, which leaves the pipeline operating illegally.It drops to the U.S. Military Corps of designers to decision whether to practice its authority to shut down the pipeline, and also the concern will go ago to the ar court for more proceedings if they don’t.Read the court document.
The Standing rock Sioux Tribe, along with the various other three plaintiff Tribes, this particular day filed their opposition to the emergency activities for stay pending appeal. A solution is early Thursday, July 23. In ~ this point, no hearing has been scheduled.Read the legit document.
DAPL has actually filed an emergency motion with the D.C. Circuit Court the Appeals, asking the court to continue to be Judge Boasberg’s order come shut down the pipeline by Aug. 5.Read the motion.
Owners the the Dakota accessibility Pipeline (DAPL) have to halt operations if the government conducts a full-fledged evaluation examining the danger DAPL poses come the Standing absent Sioux Tribe, a federal judge ruled today. The court decision ceded a hard-fought success to the Tribe, which has been engaged in a high-profile struggle against the Dakota access Pipeline due to the fact that 2016.After carefully evaluating the seriousness of the government’s legitimate violations, and also the potential effects on the tribe and third parties, today’s decision concluded that shutting down the pipeline was necessary.The shutdown will stay in place pending perfect of a full environmental review, which usually takes number of years, and the issuance of new permits. It might be approximately a new administration to make last permitting decisions.Later that very same day, DAPL filed an appeal seeking to overturn the court-ordered shutdown.“Today is a historic day because that the Standing absent Sioux Tribe and also the many people who have supported united state in the fight against the pipeline,” claimed Chairman Mike faith of the Standing rock Sioux Tribe. “This pipeline should have actually never been constructed here. We told them the from the beginning.”“It took 4 long years, however today justice has actually been served at standing Rock,” claimed attorney jan Hasselman, that represents the Tribe. “If the occasions of 2020 have taught us anything, it’s that health and justice need to be prioritized beforehand in any kind of decision-making process if we want to avoid a situation later on. ”Read the press release.Read the legal document.
The Corps and Dakota access have filed their last briefs on the question of even if it is the Dakota accessibility pipeline need to be closeup of the door down. The matter is currently in the Court’s hands. At this time, no hearing has been scheduled. A decision is anticipated this summer.

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Stevana Salazar (left) that the Kickapoo people of Texas rides with Arlo standing Bear, Oglala Lakota native Allen, S.D., in the Sacred stone Camp, Aug. 26, 2016.