The summit that Peters’ philosophizing is “Blood Borders,” a 2006 post in which he hid his hate and also contempt because that the human being of the Mideast in plain sight.

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Ralph Peters’s propose map the the center East.

Map: chris Broz/AFJ

But there’s one thing that went completely unnoticed around Peters and his map:

“Arab Shia State” and “Saudi Homelands live independence Territory” seem choose awkward names, don’t they? It’s virtually as though they’re “backronyms”: abbreviation that started with certain words and also then functioned backwards. In this case, the acronyms room “ASS” and also “SHIT.”

Now, take a look at specifically exactly how Peters referred to these brave brand-new nations:

“The Shia southern of old Iraq would form the basis of an Arab Shia State rimming much of the Persian Gulf.”


“Confined to a rump Saudi Homelands elevation Territory roughly Riyadh, the residence of Saud would certainly be capable of much less mischief toward Islam and also the world.”

So Peters’s speak to for an ext justice for the people of the Middle east was in fact fancy joke at your expense, through Peters amusing himself by hiding his finish contempt because that them in plain sight.

Think around the level the freakish loathing inside a person forced for this, infected and also pustulating choose an abscess. And then think around the reality that Peters is leaving Fox News due to the fact that it’s too gross also for him.

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Top screenshot: Ralph Peters on Fox News.

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