Arnold classic Africa Multisport Festival has released a statement complying with the assault on Arnold Schwarzenegger in ~ a sporting occasion in Sandton ~ above Saturday.In the statement the male is explained as "a crazed fan" and is claimed to be "known to the police for orchestrating comparable incidents in the past."According to the statement, Arnold will certainly not be pushing charges.

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Schwarzenegger incident previously at #ACAfrica2019 #ArnoldSchwarzenegger

— Arnold sports Festival Africa (

UPDATE: 19:21

Arnold Schwarzenegger has responded ~ above Twitter to the video clip of a male kicking that in the earlier at a sporting occasion in Sandton.

The activity hero thanked fans for your concerns and said that he at first thought he simply got "jostled by the crowd" and also only realised that he obtained kicked after seeing the viral video.

He urged fans to share rather his posts around the athletes, fairly than a video clip of a "guy who wants to be famous."
ArnoldSports athletes like this young hero proving that fitness is for everyone that deserve to be famous. They’re on mine Snapchat.

— Arnold (


A 2nd camera angle has actually surfaced online, mirroring that the assault did not cause Arnold any kind of serious injury.

The actor and also former branch of California showed up to have actually only momentary shed his footing.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is quiet a terminator. That was not dropped. The lunatic actually injured self ???? he just wanted a Lamborghini

— Gordon Ramaphosa (

Cape town - The Terminator gibbs Arnold Schwarzenegger was struck on-camera when attending a sporting event in Sandton ~ above Saturday.

Now in its fourth year, the action star to visit the Arnold standard Africa Multisport Festival and Trade Expo.

The Austrian-American actor was recorded on camera when filming a run rope competition once a man introduced at him from behind.

After moving a flying absent to the actor"s back, the male is immediately pinned under by a security member.

The video clip then reflects an unharmed Arnold returning to his chair to shake hands through fans.

Arnold continued to share his experience from the sporting event on Instagram Stories.

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