Spending fifty percent the year sailing approximately the human being sounds prefer the dream life, and also one cruise firm can make it occur in 2023.

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Oceania Cruises has just announced the 2023 around the world in 180 Days voyage is officially open for booking.

The trip departs from san Francisco top top Jan. 15, 2023 and takes travelers on a whirlwind, around-the-world tourism of  96 destinations in ~ 33 countries, spread throughout four continents. In addition to spending virtually six month on a luxury cruise ship and experiencing plenty of fascinating places, guest will additionally be may be to accessibility over 60 UNESCO human being Heritage sites.

 "We currently know how irreplaceable this experiences are and cherish the privilege the travel much more than ever," stated Bob Binder, President and Chief executive Officer that Oceania Cruises, in a statement. "Travel connects united state through common experiences, creates lifelong bonds, and also enriches us in ways we never would have actually imagined. That was the attitude that guided united state in make this epic approximately the civilization voyage for our guests."

Destinations span throughout South America, Asia, Africa, and also North America, and also opportunities to view Antarctica if cruising Admiralty Bay, heaven Bay, and half Moon Island because that three full days throughout the voyage. End 20 ports-of-call include multi-day remains where guests deserve to enjoy many on-shore excursions as well as five to exclude, on-shore events: the Argentinian cultural Exposition in Buenos Aires; one afternoon in ~ the Boschendal Winery in Cape Town; an evening at Al Maha Desert Dune in the Arabian Desert outside of Dubai whereby guests take component in the can be fried Bedouin suffer featuring tribal music, dance, and falcon show; a Burmese Monk Donation ceremony in Yangon, Myanmar; and also an evening at Vung Duc cave in the UNESCO human being Heritage website of Ha lengthy Bay exterior of Hanoi.

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All guests on the voyage will receive their choice of the complying with options: 64 totally free shore excursions, a cost-free beverage package, or a $6,400 shipboard credit. In addition, every guests will certainly receive free first-class roundtrip airfare in phibìc America, pre-paid gratuities, onboard clinical care, endless internet, wash services, visa package, luggage distribution for guests from the U.S. And Canada, a 1-night pre-cruise deluxe hotel continue to be in the harbor of embarkation, roundtrip transfers for every guests and for inhabitants within 50 miles from the cruise departure port 

Travelers additionally have the ability to expand their voyage as much as a complete of 218 days, embarking from san Francisco and also Miami and also disembarking at either san Francisco, brand-new York, or Miami. Several of these longer voyages begin on Dec. 28, 2022. Fares begin at $41,599 every guest.