Is mine Gas lid on the Left or the Right? just Look in ~ the symbol on the Dashboard

On many cars, ~ above the dashboard alongside the fuel gauge, over there is a gas symbol with an indicator arrowhead that points toward the next of the auto the gas lid is on.

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If you room in a rental car, or if girlfriend forgot which side of the vehicle the gas cap is on, you deserve to just look a the indicator arrowhead on the dashboard next to your fuel gauge.

If the auto doesn’t have actually an arrow, the gas icon will it is in on the next of the auto that the gas tank is on. If over there is no gas icon, you are possibly in an electric car.


TIP: In the visual above the gas tank indicator arrowhead is over-exaggerated to provide you one idea that what you are looking for. We have actually all seen this arrow before, currently you know what the means!


That gas lid indicator arrow is at sight useful. Remember the is there and also you’ll never need to pull approximately the pump facing the wrong method again.

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Rangutan ~ above February 25, 2018
Doesn"t beleive this myth.

I have not seen it. As such it doesn’t exist.


Thomas DeMichele top top February 25, 2018

Translate the to Latin and also you have actually a timeless quote for the fridge.

“Videtur quod non. Unde hoc non est.” – Cicero

Something like that.

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Jon Simone on December 17, 2020
Doesn"t beleive this myth.

Not true on every cars


Thomas DeMichele top top December 18, 2020

Wow… really? over there is a vehicle that has actually an arrow that points far from the gas tank? Or simply some car don’t have actually them. I would agree some cars don’t have them, but seems crazy they would put an arrow and then allude it far from the tank