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WASHINGTON ( - component two of the recently published Navarro Report turns on that head the mainstream media stare of "no proof ofvoter fraud" in the 2020 elections.

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Trade torture Peter Navarro

The 32-page report, titled "The art of the Steal,"documentsthe Democrat Party's long-planned "Grand Strategy" ofincreasingabsentee and also mail-in ballots when decreasing ballot confirmation to stealing the election. Created by profession advisor Peter Navarro, it goes deeper into the modus operandi the the Dems and fallsthree weeks after ~ his firstreport, "The Immaculate Deception."

Navarro described in unequivocal terms the upshot of the Dems' strategy the stole the choice from Donald trump card — and also 75 million voters.

Navarro summarized:By implementing its cool 'Stuff the Ballot Box'Strategy, the Democrat Party and its political operatives have strategically gamed among the many sacred facets of American democracy, our election system. This was brass-knuckle politics played in ~ the greatest level, which has ceded a brutal beat to the sleep of the American people and a vicious kick to the groin the American democracy.

The report, Navarro explained, "seeks to answer few of the most straightforward questions currently rising in the psychic of an American public and also an American politics leadership progressively skeptical around the fairness and also legitimacy the the 2020 election."

Steps in the Steal

Navarro's report asked:

How go the democrats pull off its Immaculate Deception without detection and appropriate countermeasures by the Republican Party? as soon as did the Democrats' effort to topple a sit president start? just how much the what the democrats did was illegal? and also how lot of what the Democrat Party and also its agents did was done within the limit of the law and also rules but nonetheless brought about an illegal outcome?

In general, the "key" methods Democrats provided "to strategically game America's presidential election" affiliated "changes in the legislation approved by state legislatures andrule changes" and "new guidance initiated by secretaries the state or various other election officials."

But top top a much more granular level, that submittedthe Dems' strategytargeted the six crucial battleground states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvaniaand Wisconsin — v a two-pronged strategy.

The very first prong enhanced absentee and also mail-in ballots by:

Relaxing mail-in and absentee ballot rulesSending absentee or mail-in ballots or applications for such ballots come every voterIncreasing both the legal and also illegal usage of drop boxesBallot harvestingThe usage of corruption voting machines

The 2nd prong reduced scrutiny that absentee and also mail-in ballots by:

Relaxation of identifier verificationReduced signature matching requirementsIllegally counting naked ballots to rise ballot curing — both legal and illegalReduced vote watching and also observing

The impact of this one-two punch overwhelmedbattleground says with enough illegal absentee and mail-in ballots to turn the birds of"a decisive legal victory by president Trump to a narrow and illegitimate alleged 'victory'by Joe Biden."

Players in the Steal

The Democrat Party walk not accomplish this feat without help. Several an effective operatives pitched in, according to Navarro, includingSilicon sink oligarch and Facebook CEO note Zuckerberg; Marc Elias, former Hillary Clinton project general counsel; andWall Street oligarch George Soros.

Jocelyn Benson andKathy Boockvar

Navarro drilled down on the roleSoros played in the upset. That allegedSoros money funded initiatives to change election laws and also rules and his network of organizations consisting of the "Secretary that State Project"helped to elect "puppet" secretaries of state. The project was collection in place in 2006toget Democrats elected to the workplaces of secretary the state inbattlegroundstates. Michigan's Jocelyn Bensonand Pennsylvania's Kathy Boockvar space productsof the project and also "played critical roles in bending or breaking election rules to suit the cool Strategy," follow to the report.

"Useful idiots" from the Republican Party also did your part,according come the report. Because that example,byenteringinto a consent decree, Georgia's Republican governor Brian Kemp and also Republican secretary of state Brad Raffensperger "dramatically increased the variety of absentee and mail-in ballots while considerably DECREASING the rejection price of such ballots."

The consent decree, signed through Kemp and Raffenspergerat the urging that Stacey Abrams under the guise that protecting minorities and also young people,madeit impossible to inspect andmatch signatures on ballots and envelopes.

"Republican state legislators who voted for the bills that would help the Democrats advancement its grand Strategy likewise were unwitting dupes," that added.

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Investigation Sought for 'Strategic Gaming'

Navarro calls for further action into what he — in a recent interview with Raheem Kasaam that The nationwide Pulse —called "the best story that American politics history."He suggests that, take away together, the arts of the Steal and also the Immaculate Deception"make the solid case because that a complete investigation the the election irregularities and also strategic gaming the our politics process."

Republican state legislators that voted because that the bills the would assist the Democrats advance its cool Strategy likewise were unwitting dupes.

"Any such investigation must start immediately," the urges, "as this nation simply cannot risk the inauguration that a president that will be perceived by a big segment that the American civilization as illegitimate."