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Nikki Bella can"t wait come marry Artem Chigvintsev, however it might be a while till they officially say "I do."

While speak to ET via Zoom, the 37-year-oldTotal Bellas star comprehensive her dream nuptials, and also explained why she and also herfiancéare right now putting wedding planning on hold. Nikkipreviously said throughout an illustration ofThe Bellas Podcastthat she and also the 38-year-oldDancing v the Stars prowere hopingto tie the node in autumn 2021. The 2 share one boy together, 10-month-old son Matteo.

"So Artem and also I, the other night, we sat on the couch and we talked around this. I was like, "Do you want to start planning now?"" Nikki told ET"s Deidre Behar, revealing that they have referred to as a few venues. "We"d love the to be in the fall and also a couple of of the venues to be like, "We"re available.""

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"And what we just started speak is,"We"re so busy every day, and also we completely remodeled the within of her home," she continued. "We haven"t even lived in that yet and we"re act the outside and also that takes so lot work. We"re tho not even done designing. And also so he and I both were simply like, "Let"s acquire through the house. If it happens, the happens.""

Nikki admitted that it"s likewise been "hard" mentioning wedding plans with her family.

"My Nana"s like, "Just go do something small,"but I desire a really big bash, and also I want to perform it right," she shared. "Iwant it come be whereby it"s a funny experience and a journey, wherein it"s simply a most fun. Perhaps we"re making trips to brand-new York because that dresses!"

"I feel favor if ns was to do it best now, and shot to acquire the autumn that i want ideal now, the would simply be cramming," she continued. "It wouldn"t it is in fun, it would certainly be just to acquire it done. So together of now, we have actually no plans, no day."

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When the perfect time does come around, however, Nikki currently has some concepts for she "dream wedding."

"Napa Valley, for sure, and also in the fall because the leaves adjust and we could be a little crispy cold," the wine-loving WWE star exclaimed. "Champagne towers, black tie events, and obviously we"d have the biggest food ever before "cause we"re right here in Napa Valley."

"I"d have actually amazing alcohol andjust think of the decor you obtain to lug in...the many beautiful reds and also deep dark reds," she added. "I just have this entirety vision."

During another part of the interview,Nikki likewise opened up around her son"s upcoming birthday, and also what this an initial year of motherhood has actually been like for her and also her family.

"It has actually been the many incredible trip so much of my whole life," she gushed."These past 10 months I"ve to be my happiest, I have actually learned so much. I"ve also have had actually probably more breakdowns since mom guilt is real and also you desire to it is in so perfect."

"But when Matteo says, like, "Mom" or "Mama," and also the love he offers me, I"m like, "This is living. This is the life,"" she continued. "It"s been so incredible and you come to be so selfless. It is really crazy. Whatever that I provided to be so concerned about, that doesn"t also matter anymore, he does. I wake up and I think that him and also I walk to bed and I think the him. And life has adjusted so much for me."