October 28, 2013 at 6:11 pm EDTATLANTA, Ga. — Channel 2 action News has actually learned the Rev. Arthur Allen, the controversial pastor of the residence of Prayer church in northwest Atlanta, died in a home fire Monday afternoon.

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The fire happened at a home on Lookout way in northwest Atlanta. Firefighters managed to gain Allen the end the house, however he died shortly after.

Allen acquired notoriety in the early 2000s for transporting corporal penalty on youngsters in his congregation. He was required to jail on several occasions ~ admitting come his actions. Plenty of of the kids" parents claimed they sustained Allen"s practices.

Neighbors ~ above Monday called Channel 2"s Tom Jones they were saddened by Allen"s death.

"To hear that brother pass away, that isn"t good news," claimed Demarius Armstrong. "I don"t care if the brothers did an adverse in the past or not."

Channel 2 activity News closely followed the debate surrounding Allen. Youngsters in his congregation said they were hosted in the air, and beaten v sticks and also belts by adult church members. The youngsters were ultimately placed right into state custody. Allen said the whippings were vital to maintain discipline and he was complying with God"s law.

Allen was later on convicted and served two years in prison for boy cruelty.

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Meanwhile, firefighters are still trying to number out what resulted in the deadly fire. Home of Prayer members stopped by the scene, but declined to comment.


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