initially a gift native France, the Statue of Liberty was unveiled in 1886. This guide provides access to materials related come the “Statue that Liberty” in the Chronicling America digital collection of historical newspapers.

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Chronicling America is a seek digital repertoire of historical newspaper pages from 1777-1963 sponsored jointly through the nationwide Endowment for the Humanities and also the Library of Congress.Included in the website is the Directory of US papers in American Libraries, a searchable index to papers published in the joined States because 1690, which help researchers determine what title exist for a details place and time, and also how to accessibility them.
"Liberty"s light. Unveiling of Bartholdi"s colossal frostbite at new York." November 5, 1886. The Iola Register (Iola, KS), image 6. Chronicling America: historical American Newspapers.

The unveiling of the Statue that Liberty in 1886 forever changed the new York skyline. Draft by frederic Bartholdi, the statue was a gift indigenous France – back Americans raised the funds because that the cut down she was standing on. Just dignitaries were invited to to visit the statue’s main dedication ceremony, however an approximated one million civilization took component in a parade and also festivities around brand-new York to note the occasion. Read more about it!

The info in this guide concentrates on primary source materials found in the digitized historic newspapers from the digital collection Chronicling America.

The timeline listed below highlights important dates related to this topic and also a section of this guide provides some argued search methods for more research in the collection.

Summer 1878Summer 1885October 28, 1886
Statue"s head and also plans because that completion placed on display screen at Paris World"s Fair, Exposition Universelle.
Fundraising efforts, spurred on through Joseph Pulitzer, collect money to finish pedestal.

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Dedication ceremony, presided over by president Grover Cleveland.

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