House speak Nancy Pelosi that California indicators the write-up of impeachment versus President Donald trump in one engrossment ceremony before transmission to the Senate because that trial top top Capitol Hill, in Washington, Jan. 13, 2021.

The U.S. Residence of representatives is set to officially send its write-ups of impeachment to the Senate on Monday, charging former President Donald Trump through inciting insurrection in link with the storming that the Capitol through a crowd of his supporters previously this month.

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The trial in the Senate is set to start the main of February 8 after ~ Democrats and Republicans agreed come a short delay in bespeak to offer both the lawmakers that will offer as prosecutors and Trump"s defense team time to prepare. The extra time will certainly also enable the Senate a possibility to confirm some of President Joe Biden"s room nominees.


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Senate majority Leader lining Schumer stressed the need for the trial Sunday, however said the procedure would move relatively quickly.

"Everyone wants to placed this terrible chapter in American background behind us. Yet sweeping it under the rug will certainly not carry healing," that said. "The only way to bring healing is to actually have actually real accountability, i beg your pardon this psychological affords."

A variety of Republicans, including Senate minority Leader Mitch McConnell, have condemned the violence that unfolded on January 6 and criticized Trump, that urged supporters to march come the Capitol to fight because that him in confronting lawmakers together they disputed certifying Biden"s election win.

Republican senator Marco Rubio said the "Fox News Sunday" display that while he believes trumped "bears responsibility for several of what happened," the opposes the Senate trial.

"We"re simply going to jump right ago into what we"ve to be going with for the last 5 years and also bring that up through a trial and also it"s going come be bad for the country," that said. "It really is."

"This is no a criminal trial," Rubio said. "This is a political process and would certainly fuel these departments that have actually paralyzed the country."


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Senator Mitt Romney, that was the just Republican to vote to judge Trump in his first impeachment trial, expressed support for happen Trump to trial again.

"I think incitement come insurrection is an impeachable offense," that told CNN. "If not, what is?"

Romney said he trust Trump was "complicit in an extraordinary attack on our democracy."

The mayhem left five people dead, including a police officer whose fatality is gift investigated together a homicide. Trump supporters — around 800, follow to officials — rampaged past authorities, ransacked some congressional offices and scuffled v police prior to order was revitalized and legislator in the early hours the January 7 officially asserted Biden the winner.

At the rally prior to hundreds the his supporters walked 16 block to the Capitol, Trump repeated weeks that unfounded complaints the he had been cheated out of reelection by fraudulent votes and vote-counting also though he had lost 60 court obstacles to the outcome.


"There is no evidence this choice was stolen," Romney said.

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One the the House autonomous impeachment supervisors who will current the case in the Senate against Trump, Congresswoman Madeleine Dean that Pennsylvania, told CNN the they will "put with each other a instance that is for this reason compelling" to challenge "the large lie" that Trump had actually been cheated out of reelection.

She called Trump"s incitement of insurrection "an extraordinary, heinous crime. The American public experienced what happened."

"This to be a terrifying moment … incited through the president," she said. "This cannot walk unanswered."