Michael K Williams as Omar little in The Wire. Moviestore repertoire Ltd/Alamy September 8, 2021

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Michael K Williams and also The Wire: how the display redefined televisionwatching

Ben Lamb, Teesside University


Stripped the benefits, some former prisoners are compelled to depend on charity. Chandan KhannaA/AFP via Getty Images) may 27, 2021

Ex-prisoners room going hungry between barriers, bans to services on theoutside

Margaret Lombe, Boston College and Von Nebbitt, Washington college in St Louis

formerly incarcerated Americans challenge food insecurity rates double that the the basic population. A 1996 legislation that prohibits medicine felons native getting an important benefits might be partly to blame.

death in Rio: security pressures patrol the Jacarezinho favela the work after 25 human being were eliminated in a drugs procedure on might 6 2021. EPA-EFE/Andre Coelho may 11, 2021

Drugs ‘trilemma’: how to halt the deadly trade while quiet ensuring breakthrough andpeace

Jonathan Goodhand, SOAS, college of London and Patrick Meehan, SOAS, college of London

Attempts come wage war on drugs in emerging countries which don’t take into account the requirements of local world are doomed to fail. This is why.

Activists tide flags in front of the U.S. Capitol to demand that Congress happen cannabis reform law on Oct. 8, 2019. Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty pictures January 6, 2021

Legalizing marijuana, as soon as a pipeline dream on Capitol Hill, takes an important stepforward

Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, University of southern California

A three decriminalization bill approved by the home is a authorize from Congress the sentiment about the medicine is evolving, however it misses a possibility to manage marijuana for the good of every Americans.

according to Oregon law, possessing a tiny amount of medicine for personal consumption is now a civil – rather 보다 criminal – offense. Peter Dazeley via Getty December 10, 2020

Oregon just decriminalized all drugs – here’s why voters passed this groundbreaking reform

Scott Akins, Oregon State University and Clayton Mosher, Washington State University

possessing heroin, cocaine, meth and also other drugs for an individual use is no longer a criminal violation in Oregon. The idea is to get world with problem drug usage help, not punishment.

A T-shirt worn through a cannabis advocate throughout a court hear on the legality of the plant in southern Africa. RODGER BOSCH/AFP via Getty images November 30, 2020

What history teaches us around shaping south Africa’s brand-new cannabislaws

Thembisa Waetjen, University that Johannesburg

Policy makers need to protect and also promote the interests of civilization whose indigenous knowledge and toil arisen a flourishing national cannabis economy - in the challenge of harsh police crackdowns.
In this July 2020 photo, a woman is comforted in her home during a wake for her child who was killed together with at the very least 26 rather in an strike by drug cartels ~ above a medicine rehabilitation centre whereby he to be being treated in Irapuato, Mexico. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo) October 28, 2020

Trump and also Biden ignore just how the battle on drugs fuel violence in LatinAmerica

Luisa Farah Schwartzman, University of Toronto

The American public should know that the united States has played a crucial role in creating and fuelling violence in Latin America via its not successful war ~ above drugs.
Demonstrators protest demanding the resignation of the country’s interim chairman Jeanine Añez in El Alto, Bolivia, respectable 14 2020. EPA-EFE/STR September 7, 2020

Bolivia reverses year of development with brand-new draconian cocaine policy, sustained by theEU

Kathryn Ledebur, University that Reading; Linda Farthing, University of Reading, and Thomas Grisaffi, University the Reading

‘ZeroZeroZero’ is a drama based on truth that reflects a clear photo of the modern-day cocaine trade. Amazon July 7, 2020

3 points ‘ZeroZeroZero’ gets right about the cocainetrade

Kendra McSweeney, The Ohio State University

The federal government’s fight against cocaine circulation wrongly assumes the it’s every destined for the US.
Black stays Matters murals top top boarded-up businesses in new York City. AP Photo/STRF/STAR MAX/IPx July 6, 2020

Decades of failure reforms allow continued police brutality andracism

Stephen M. Underhill, Marshall University

Peru’s battle on medicine is one abject failure – this is what it deserve to learn fromBolivia

cutting board Grisaffi, University the Reading; Kathryn Ledebur, University of Reading, and Linda Farthing, University of Reading

production of coca leaf, the raw material in cocaine, is surging in Peru despite 40 years of compelled eradication draft to convince farmers to give up it. Bolivia shows a much better way forward.
Colombia is the world’s second-biggest reduced flower exporter. AP Photo/Fernando Vergara might 8, 2020

The flower you buy your mother for mom Day may be tied to the us war ondrugs

Jay L. Zagorsky, Boston University

A regime intended to mitigate coca production finished up giving two Latin American nations a large boost to their flower power.
A earlier alley in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, a high-risk COVID-19 area as result of the truth the vulnerable populations converge there, is pictured in January 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward April 22, 2020

Decriminalizing drug usage as us contain the coronavirus is the humane thing todo

Matthew Bonn, Dalhousie University

Drug users are currently among the most marginalized and also stigmatized populaces in times without a pandemic. Unless we decriminalize drug use, as soon as again they will certainly bear the brunt of another deadly disease.
much more than 35,000 civilization were eliminated in Mexico in 2019, the most dangerous year ~ above record. Violence has actually spiked together a an outcome of the government’s ongoing assault on drug cartels. Leonardo Emiliozzi Ph / Shutterstock February 3, 2020

Inside Mexico’s battle on drugs: Conversations through ‘elnarco’

Karina G. Garcia Reyes, University that Bristol

A researcher who fled crime-beset Mexico returns to interview the medicine cartels behind so lot of the violence, asking 33 ‘narcos’ everything about their lives, from birth to their latest murder.

Police medicine crackdown operations have the right to do much more harm than an excellent – i’ve seenit

will certainly Mason, University of Sheffield

Police crackdown operations are most likely to exacerbate the structure inequalities that deserve to influence criminality in the very first place.

Nixon and Reagan do the efforts closing the border to press Mexico – this is whathappened

Aileen Teague, Brown University

Both presidents carried border traffic and trade to a standstill in really hopes of an altering Mexican plan in the drug war. And both failure to accomplish their goals.
Filipinos host a funeral march because that Kian Loyd delos Santos, that was killed during a police anti-drug operation on august 16 2017. EPA-EFE march 15, 2019

New UN guidelines come mainstream human rights in the worldwide drugsdebate

rick Lines, Swansea University and Julie Hannah, University that Essex

Mexican war on medicine has, in places, lessened lifeexpectancy

José Manuel Aburto, University of southern Denmark and also Froylan Enciso, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas

The mexico slow-down in life span improvements coincides with an extraordinary rise in violence.

Drugs: researchers shouldn’t just emphasis on theharms

Ian Hamilton, University the York and Alex Aldridge, Royal Holloway college of London

Reagent check kits are not as effective as professional testing. Yet it’s much better than nothing. indigenous www.shutterstock.com January 9, 2019

While legislation makers squabble end pill testing, civilization should test their drugs athome

Stephen Bright, Edith Cowan University

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With numerous music festival patrons dice this year the pill testing dispute is in complete swing. Yet people can already purchase legally available test kits. Carry out they work?
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