Jesse Williams and also his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee have actually been bespeak by a referee to to visit a "high dispute parents" regime as they navigate their co-parenting relationship. 

According come legal documents acquired by, the former pair must "participate in the 'Between two Parents for High problem Parents Program.'"

The Los Angeles center for Law and Justice website defines that "Between 2 Parents was produced by the Los Angeles remarkable Court household Court solutions Department, with funds provided by the Los Angeles Shriver Custody Project."

"As a organization to survivors and others involved in high-conflict custody cases, LACLJ gift the video clip Between 2 Parents, created by the Los Angeles exceptional Court," the website reads. "Between two Parents offers many of the lessons noted by prolonged parenting education and learning classes in an hour-long format."

The Grey's Anatomy star and also real legacy broker, who share daughter Sadie, 7, and also son Maceo, 5, finalized their divorce in October 2020, about three years after originally filing. In ~ the time, documents obtained by showed that the exes would certainly share joint legal and also physical custody that their 2 children. 



The brand-new court records, however, state the Williams requested to change "the physical child custody and visitation orders," which was denied.

"The Court walk not uncover sufficient basis to change the current child custody and visitation orders. The Court further finds the 's inquiry to modify the son custody and also visitation order is no in the best interest the the minor children," the papers state.

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Williams and Drake-Lee, both 39, wed in September 2012 after an ext than five years together, but the actor filed for divorce in April 2017. Due to the fact that then, the pair have actually weathered a collection of court battles regarding custody of your children and also Williams' son support. 

In the October filing, Williams was ordered to salary his ex-wife $40,000 in boy support every month, as well as over $100,000 in 2 upcoming spousal support payments.

Previously, in June 2018, he to be ordered come pay more than $50,000 per month in son support in enhancement to the $50,695 per month in spousal support that he had paid Drake-Lee due to the fact that January 2018. 



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Drake-Lee speak to human being in may 2019 around the toll the fraught divorce and custody battle had handled her family, consisting of her children.

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"When you start spinning, the children start spinning, so even if you're looking at them and also you're telling them whatever is fine, they know it's no fine since they can feel it's not fine," she said.

"I talk to castle on your level," Drake-Lee added. "It's also okay because that the youngsters to watch me crying, to view that I'm having a hard day today. Due to the fact that that allows them understand that as soon as they have those tough days, there's additionally room because that that."

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