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The US/Canada international border in ~ Goat Haunt, USA is closed in 2021. There will certainly be no accessibility into or out of Goat Haunt, USA through Waterton Lakes national Park, Canada. Goat Haunt backcountry campground is closeup of the door in 2021. Hikers can still hike through the Goat Haunt occurred area to other wilderness campgrounds.

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Glacier was recommended for inclusion in the nationwide Wilderness Preservation mechanism in 1974. Nationwide Park organization policy needs that the park’s character no be degraded and also remain unimpaired for future use and enjoyment. Recommended wilderness lands are regulated differently 보다 front-country or backcountry areas, through minimal human manipulation of a diverse, intact, organic ecosystem. Staying undeveloped, v minimal mechanization and contemporary influence, wilderness lands carry out outstanding avenues for solitude and also primitive, unconfined recreation. For additional information on the Wilderness concept and also the park"s encourage wilderness areas, visit our Wilderness in Glacier page.The park’s wilderness camping regimen is designed come minimize source impacts while providing positive visitant experiences. The following information moves from a vast overview that the permitting procedure to the particular steps necessary to refine your plan and also enjoy a wilderness adventure in Glacier.

Table that Contents

Camping FeesMay 1–October 31Winter Wilderness CampingGetting a Permit Walk-in PermitsOffice LocationsAdvance ReservationsTrip Planning Map and also Campsite ListTrail ConditionsTrail ClosuresBackcountry BlogSuggested gear ListRegulationsCampsitesPermitsTrip ItinerariesGroup SizeLeave No TraceStock UseAccessibility SafetyDrowningHypothermiaSnow and also IceWater FiltrationSolo TravelBearsOther WildlifeSpecial expedition ConsiderationsNyack / coal Creek Camping ZoneRiver CampingBorder CrossingContinental division TrailRecreation top top the Blackfeet ReservationWinter CampingVolunteeringTransportation and Services ShuttlesGuided TripsPacking Services

Watching the Backcountry Camping video clip is mandatory prior to gaining a permit.

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This video clip will overview you with planning a expedition to Glacier"s backcountry and provide needed security and resource protection information. That is compelled viewing to acquire a backcountry permit.

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This video will aid in planning a successful winter overnight endure in the park. Park visitors not planning on this level of extreme winter recreation will appreciate the obstacles highlighted in this quick vignette right into Glacier"s winter.

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Tips for getting the ideal backcountry permits.

Camping Fees

From might 1 with October 31, over there is a $7/night/person camping fee payable upon permit issuance in ~ a wilderness permit office. Due to program fee requirements, there room no son or nationwide land recreation pass discounts available. Winter wilderness camping patent (November 1 - April 30) space free.Return come Top

Getting a Permit

Walk-in Permits

Wilderness permits might be accessible the day before or day of a desired trip begin date. Approximately half of all sites in a campground are set aside because that walk-in campers. However, the does not typical those sites will be easily accessible at every times. Backpackers on much longer trips (4 or much more nights) might take walk-in sites well in advance. Arrive at an early stage the day before your intended trip start date for the finest campsite availability. No reservation fees are charged for walk-in permits, only the $7 / night / human being camping fee is charged. Permits will not it is in issued after 4:30 afternoon at any location. What"s available tonight? The dates are detailed in environment-friendly at the top of the chart. The numbers listed below indicate how many sites are obtainable for a "walk-in" permit. Examine the date at the peak to make sure the chart is current.Permitting Locations

Apgar Backcountry permit CenterPermits issued approximately 1/2 hour prior to station closesEarly SeasonMay 1 – may 318:00 – 4 :00pmCore SeasonJune 1 - 3rd Saturday in September7:00 - 5:00pmLate SeasonFourth Sunday in September - October 318:00 - 4:00pmSt. Mary Visitor CenterOffice close up door in 2021 due to limited staffingMany Glacier Ranger StationMay 29 – September 168:00 – 4 :30pmTwo medication Ranger StationMay 29 – September 238:00 – 4 :30pmPolebridge Ranger StationOpens may 29

Advance Reservations

For summer 2021 wilderness permits, bookings will be embraced online beginning March 17. An ext information is accessible on ours backcountry permit reservation page.Return to Top

Trip Planning

With that towering mountains, pristine alpine lakes, abundant wildlife, and over 700 mile of trails, Glacier is a backpacking paradise. Due to individual differences in fitness, backpacking experience, and an individual preference, we don’t offer certain trip recommendations. What we have the right to tell friend is that in the broadest sense, Glacier"s wilderness come in 2 flavors—east and also west roughly split along the continental Divide. Each trail top top a respective side provides a comparable "feel." West next trails start at roughly 3,200 feet in elevation, are more heavily forested, and also offer the greatest solitude. Eastern of the divide, trails start at approximately 5,000 feet and also the terrain is more sparsely vegetated, creating an ext open vistas and also attracting much more crowds.

Mapping and also Campsite Information

Use this wilderness campground map and also campground information to help plan her trip.NEW: We have KMZ and also GPX papers for wilderness campgrounds, trailheads, and also trails, the you have the right to import right into mapping programs (Google Earth, Cal Topo, etc.) to help in planning your trip in the park.

GPS data points are additionally available.For specific trail descriptions and also other plan tools, visit Glacier"s non-profit partner, the Glacier nationwide Park Conservancy.

Trail Conditions

Trail conditions readjust frequently transparent the year, but our Trail standing Reports page offer some seasonal generalizations too as certain trail condition updates transparent the summer season, the will help you recognize what to suppose in the backcountry. Trail status reports offer certain details about a given trail ~ above a given date, however, Glacier"s wilderness is huge and part trail status reports might not be updated for several weeks, or even months for lesser supplied trails. For this reason, trail status reports only offer a photo of follow conditions and should be provided in connect with various other tools such as weather reports, former backpacking suffer in Glacier, and assessment that your very own backpacking skill level.

Trail Closures

Hazardous or emergency problems may make it vital to nearby a trail segment. This closures may result your planned itinerary. Wilderness rangers will certainly make an effort to call you ~ above the trail to let you understand your choices and assist with path changes. It may take a while for anyone to be contacted. Perform not enter any type of closed trail, also if it was part of your planned itinerary. Watch the present closures and postings list.

Suggested gear List

The following items have to be lugged on every trip right into Glacier’s wilderness:

Bear SprayTopographic mapCompassFirst aid KitHigh-calorie foodShelterSleeping bag and also padAppropriate footwearWool or man-made clothing to layer (dry clothes to sleep inRain jacket and also pantsLightweight camp shoeFootwear for stream crossingsA weatherproof food and also garbage hanging bag25 feet the rope for hanging food and also garbageWater container and also water filterCampstove and fuelEmergency signaling deviceInsect repellent

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Wilderness camping is accessible in 65 designated campgrounds transparent the park, v the exception of the Nyack / coal Creek camping zone whereby both designated campgrounds and at big camping room available.


A wilderness use permit is forced for all overnight camping, and also must it is in in her possession if in the backcountry. They are valid just for the dates, locations, and party size specified.

Trip Itineraries

Itineraries must be contiguous. Girlfriend cannot leave one trailhead and drive to one more trailhead to accessibility campgrounds ~ above the very same trip. Note: Hiking quick road sections on foot—Many Glacier and also Two Medicine arisen areas, cross Going come the Sun road at Jackson Glacier Overlook—to affix longer itineraries is permitted.

Group Size

The maximum party size permitted is 12 persons. Every wilderness campground has actually 2-7 campsites. Each campsite is minimal to four (4) people and two (2) tents (2-4 person).

Leave No Trace

Many of Glacier’s wilderness camping regulation are based upon Leave No map (LNT) outdoor ethics. LNT tells us that by concentrating impacts, including eating, sleeping, and also human garbage disposal, us prevent degradation of a more comprehensive area. Concentrating effects essentially creates small pockets of impact and leaves nearly pristine problems over larger areas. For much more information visit LNT.org.Stock UseInformation concerning the use of share in wilderness deserve to be found on our private Stock Use page.


Wheelchairs and also trained business dogs are appropriate accommodations in wilderness. Due to potential hazardous interactions v bears, service dogs are discouraged.Return to Top



Use extreme caution close to water. Swift, cold glacial streams and rivers, moss-covered rocks, and also slippery logs room dangerous. Stop wading in or fording swift streams. Never walk, play, or rise on slippery rocks and logs, especially roughly waterfalls.


Be all set for sudden weather changes. Usage rain gear before you end up being wet. If your clothes do become wet replace them v dry ones. Class with man-made or wool apparel as a basic layer. Minimization wind exposure. Eat high-energy foodstuffs often.

Snow and also Ice

Snowfields and also glaciers can current serious hazards. Snow bridges may conceal deep crevasses top top glaciers or surprise cavities under snowfields. These bridges might collapse under the weight of one unsuspecting hiker. Use extreme caution once crossing steep snowfields top top trails and also in the backcountry.

Water Filtration

The protozoan Giardia lamblia might be existing in lakes and streams. As soon as ingested, your reproductive cysts may reason an intestinal disorder that shows up weeks after her trip. The easiest method of reliable water treatment is to boil water because that one minute (up to five minutes at greater elevations) or usage a filtration system qualified of killing or removing particles as tiny as 1 micron.

Solo Travel

Solo travel in wilderness is no recommended. The finest insurance because that a safe and also enjoyable pilgrimage rests v your ability to exercise an excellent judgment, prevent unnecessary risks, and also assume responsibility for your own safety while visiting Glacier’s wilderness.


Approaching, viewing, or engaging in any task within 100 yards of bear or wolves, or within 25 yards of any kind of other wildlife is prohibited. Use binoculars or a telephoto lens to enhance your view. Save the animal’s heat of travel or escape path clear and also move away if wildlife ideologies you. Visit our Bear Safety page to find detailed information about hiking in be affected by each other country.

Other Wildlife

Deer, mountain goats, marmots, and other rodents are attracted to urine and sweat. They will certainly chew feet in clothes, boots, and also camping equipment if left unattended.Mosquitoes and also flies can be a nuisance in some areas in July and also August. Lug insect repellent or be prepared to sheathe up through lightweight clothing and perhaps a head net.Return to Top

Special trip Considerations

Nyack / coal Creek Camping Zone

This area uses greater opportunities for solitude in addition to greater challenges in the form of at-large or undesignated camping. One Interagency Grizzly be afflicted with Committee (IGBC) authorized food storage device is required for every at-large camping. In addition to at-large camping, designated campgrounds are likewise available. Advance reservations space not permitted for at huge camping.*Please note, the park does not sell IGBC authorized food storage gadgets for loan anymore.

River Camping

Interested in act an overnight river trip? uncover all the details you require on our river Camping patent page. Development reservations room not allowed for flow camping.

Border Crossing

There are special considerations to take into account before you setup a trip throughout the worldwide Boundary in ~ Goat Haunt. Please check out the info on ours Visiting Goat Haunt web page for details. Crossing the border without complying with U.S. And Canadian customizeds procedures can result in a $5,000.00 fine.

Continental division Trail

A 110-mile segment the The continent Divide nationwide Scenic trace (CDT) runs with Glacier. The designated CDT route and an early/late season alternative route are significant in blue ~ above the map.

Recreation ~ above Blackfeet Reservation

A Conservation/Recreation use Permit is compelled for all recreational tasks on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. A separate permit is compelled for fishing ~ above the reservation. For additional information call (406) 338-7207.

Winter Camping

Visit our Winter Wilderness Camping web page for details ~ above this special, yet challenging, time the the year to be in Glacier"s backcountry.

Volunteer Photography

Backcountry enthusiasts may volunteer to re-photograph glaciers to help record them as part of the U.S. Geological survey Repeat Photography Project. All the picture sites space backcountry destinations, do this a an excellent way to incorporate your task with park clinical objectives. Inspect out the citizen Science routine for more ways to aid while hiking.Return to Top

Transportation and Services


Glacier spaceship SystemFrom at an early stage July to job Day, the complimentary park shuttle runs along Going-to-the-Sun Road between Apgar visitant Center and St. Mary Visitor Center, preventing at countless trailheads follow me the way.Glacier nationwide Park Lodges hiker"s shuttleA fee-based trailhead spaceship from numerous Glacier come the St. Mar Visitor Center. Inspect for this summer"s dates and times that operation.

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Glacier Park Inc. Hiker"s shuttleA fee-based shuttle scheduled to operate on the eastern side that the park. Inspect for seasonal dates and times the operation. There are no commercial shuttle or taxi services obtainable in the phibìc Fork area (Polebridge, Bowman/Kintla Lakes) the the park.

Additional Services

Glacier Guides offers guided half day, complete day, overnight hikes and chalet hikes. Porter services to provide your gear to backcountry campsites are available. Devices rental in West Glacier is available. Watch the Guided Hiking web page for call information come schedule a tripSwan hill Outfitters offers drop-camp service using share to fill your gear into details sites. A backcountry allow is required.Return come Top