Established in short article II, section 2 that the Constitution, the Cabinet"s duty is to recommend the president on any type of subject he may require relating come the duties of every member"s corresponding office.

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Read the Cabinet leave Memos here.

The heritage of the cabinet dates ago to the starts of the Presidency itself. Developed in write-up II, section 2, that the Constitution, the Cabinet"s role is to advise the president on any type of subject he may require relating come the duties of every member"s corresponding office.

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The Cabinet contains the angry President and the heads of 15 executive departments — the Secretaries that Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and also Human Services, homeland Security, Housing and also Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State,Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, and the lawyer General.

In bespeak of succession to the Presidency:

Vice chairman of the unified StatesJoseph R. Biden

Department that StateSecretary john

Department the the TreasurySecretary Jack

Department the DefenseSecretary

Department the JusticeAttorney general Loretta E.

Department of the InteriorSecretary Sally Jewelldoi.govDepartment that AgricultureSecretary cutting board J. Vilsackusda.govDepartment of CommerceSecretary coin

Department that LaborSecretary thomas E.

Department that Health and also Human ServicesSecretary Sylvia Mathews Burwellhhs.govDepartment the Housing and Urban DevelopmentSecretary Julián Castrohud.govDepartment the TransportationSecretary Anthony Foxxdot.govDepartment the EnergySecretary Ernest Monizenergy.govDepartment that EducationSecretary man Kinged.govDepartment that Veterans AffairsSecretary Robert McDonaldva.govDepartment of landscape SecuritySecretary Jeh

The following positions have actually the standing of Cabinet-rank:White house Chief of StaffDenis McDonough

Environmental defense AgencyAdministrator Gina

Office of monitoring & BudgetDirector Shaun L.S.

United says Trade RepresentativeAmbassador Michael

United says Mission to the unified NationsAmbassador Samantha

Council of financial AdvisersChairman Jason organization AdministrationAdministrator Maria