Oak Park , Illinois
United States
99 years Old
in centimeters- 163 cmin meters- 1.63 min Feet Inches- 5’ 4”
in Kilograms- 58 kgin Pounds- 127.87 lbs

Short Biography

Other Name:Other Professions:Appearance:
Betty White Ludden, Betty Marion White, Betty Marion White Ludden
Film ActressVoice ArtistActivistWriterAuthorComedianRadio HostSingerTelevision PersonalityRadio ArtistSoap Opera ActressTelevision PresenterMemoirist

Betty White’s full name is Betty Marion White Ludden. She is a renowned American comedian and actress. She career has spanned end 80 years and it is among the longest careers in terms of career history. She is pertained to as among the pioneer of television industry. She is the very first woman who has functioned both behind and in front of the camera. She likewise is the an initial women to develop a sitcom and also for her initiatives won she the market of Hollywood title.

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She began her job in the year 1939 together a 17 year old. She started off she career in modeling and also had to put her career on break during the civilization War 2. Short article World War, she resumed her career as a radio jockey. She shortly started getting acting offers and also made her acting debut v a short film titled Time come Kill. She pertained to prominence ~ she play the lead duty of Elizabeth in the famous collection Life through Elizabeth. Article that, she never looked earlier and showed up in several of the most well known American series such as The mary Tyler Moore show , Mama's Family, and The gold Girls among many others.
White has continued to reap her latest tide of success. In addition to her occupational in warm in Cleveland, she additionally hosted Betty White's Off your Rockers. This surprise camera show, i beg your pardon aired indigenous 2012 right into 2017, featured a mature set of funny pranksters who play joke on younger generations. White choose an Emmy award nomination because that her work on the present in 2012.

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In august 2018, PBS aired Betty White: very first Lady that Television. The retreat looked ago at she 80-year job in show business, highlighted by her at an early stage variety series work, she standout roles on The mar Tyler Moore Show and The gold Girls, and her renewal as a sharp-tongued senior in her later on years.

She was born to Horace Logan White and also Tess Curtis White. She an initial married Dick Barker in 1945 and divorced him the very same year. She climate married Lane Allen in 1947 and this marital relationship too didn’t last lengthy as the couple parted methods in 1949. She climate married well known television host Allen Ludden in 1963 and remained married to him till his death in 1981.

Lane AllenEx-husband(1947–1949)
Allen LuddenEx-husband(1963-1981)
Home TownOak Park, Illinois
AddressLos Angeles, California, joined States
SchoolMann school Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Hills
Qualification N/A
HobbiesReading and also Cooking
Marital StatusWidow
DebutAdvise & Consent (1962) TV - Hollywood on television (1949)
Best MoviesThe Hollywood Knights (1980), Dennis the Menace Strikes Again (1998), The Wild Thornberrys: The origin of Donnie (2001), your Mommy Kills animals (2007), and You Again (2010) among others
Net WorthN/A
Official WebsiteN/A