What Is Another Word For "As Strong As A Horse"?

1  adj Someone who is strong is healthy with good muscles and can move or carry heavy things, or vày hard physical work., (Antonym: weak) I"m not strong enough lớn carry him..., I feared I wouldn"t be able lớn control such a strong horse.  

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2  adj Someone who is strong is confident và determined, và is not easily influenced or worried by other people., (Antonym: weak) He is sharp and manipulative with a strong personality..., It"s up to lớn managers lớn be strong and do what they believe is right...  
3  adj Strong objects or materials are not easily broken and can support a lot of weight or resist a lot of strain., (Antonym: weak) The vacuum flask has a strong casing, which won"t crack or chip..., Glue the mirror in with a strong adhesive...  ♦ strongly  adv ADV -ed The fence was very strongly built, with very large posts.  
4  adj 
A strong wind, current, or other force has a lot of power or speed, & can cause heavy things lớn move. (=powerful) Strong winds và torrential rain combined to make conditions terrible for golfers in the Scottish Open..., A fairly strong current seemed to lớn be moving the whole boat...  ♦ strongly  adv ADV with v The metal is strongly attracted to lớn the surface.  
5  adj 
A strong impression or influence has a great effect on someone. We"re glad if our music makes a strong impression, even if it"s a negative one..., Teenage idols have a strong influence on our children...  ♦ strongly  adv ADV with v He is strongly influenced by Spanish painters such as Goya and El Greco...  
6  adj 
If you have strong opinions on something or express them using strong words, you have extreme or very definite opinions which you are willing to lớn express or defend. usu ADJ n She is known to lớn hold strong views on Cuba..., There has been strong criticism of the military regime..., It condemned in extremely strong language what it called Britain"s iniquitous campaign...  ♦ strongly  adv usu ADV with v Obviously you feel very strongly about this..., We are strongly opposed khổng lồ the presence of America in this region...  
7  adj 
If someone in authority takes strong action, they act firmly và severely. usu ADJ n The government has said it will take strong action against any further strikes...  
8  adj 
If there is a strong case or argument for something, it is supported by a lot of evidence. The testimony presented offered a strong case for acquitting her on grounds of self-defense..., The evidence that such investment promotes growth is strong...  ♦ strongly  adv ADV with v, ADV adj/adv He argues strongly for retention of NATO as a guarantee of peace..., These are conditions said by doctors to be strongly indicative of heart failure.  
9  adj 
If there is a strong possibility or chance that something is true or will happen, it is very likely to lớn be true or khổng lồ happen. There is a strong possibility that the mèo contracted the condition by eating contaminated pet food.  
10  adj 
Your strong points are your best qualities or talents, or the things you are good at. ADJ n, v-link ADJ on n Discretion is not Jeremy"s strong point..., Cynics argue that the EU is stronger on rhetoric than on concrete action.  
11  adj 
A strong competitor, candidate, or team is good or likely to lớn succeed. usu ADJ n She was a strong contender for Britain"s Olympic team...  
12  adj 
If a relationship or link is strong, it is close và likely lớn last for a long time. He felt he had a relationship strong enough lớn talk frankly lớn Sarah..., Delhi first began to lớn develop strong ties with Moscow in the 1950s.  

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13  adj 
A strong currency, economy, or industry has a high value or is very successful. (=robust)  (Antonym: weak) The US dollar continued its strong performance in Tokyo today..., The local economy is strong và the population is growing...  
14  adj If something is a strong element or part of something else, it is an important or large part of it. We are especially encouraged by the strong representation, this year, of women in information công nghệ disciplines...  
15  adj 
You can use strong when you are saying how many people there are in a group. For example, if a group is twenty strong, there are twenty people in it. num ADJ Ukraine indicated that it would establish its own army, 400,000 strong., ...a 1,000-strong crowd.  
16  adj 
A strong drink, chemical, or drug contains a lot of the particular substance which makes it effective. Strong coffee or tea late at night may cause sleeplessness...  
17  adj 
A strong colour, flavour, smell, sound, or light is intense and easily noticed. As she went past there was a gust of strong perfume..., The wine goes with strong và mild cheese alike.  ♦ strongly  adv ADV with v He leaned over her, smelling strongly of sweat...  
18  adj 
If someone has a strong accent, they speak in a distinctive way that shows very clearly what country or region they come from. (=pronounced)  (Antonym: slight) `Good, Mr Ryle," he said in English with a strong French accent.  
19  adj You can say that someone has strong features or a strong face if their face has large, distinctive features. He had a strong Greek nose & olive-black eyes.  
20 If someone or something is still going strong, they are still alive, in good condition, or popular after a long time. INFORMAL ♦going strong 
 phrase v-link PHR The old machinery was still going strong.  
 If you refer lớn someone"s behaviour as strong-arm tactics or methods, you disapprove of it because it consists of using threats or force in order to lớn achieve something.  adj ADJ n  (disapproval) The money has been recovered without resorting to lớn verbal abuse or strong-arm tactics...  
strong-minded  If you describe someone, especially a woman, as strong-minded, you approve of them because they have their own firm attitudes and opinions, & are not easily influenced by other people.  adj  (approval) She is a strong-minded, independent woman.  
 Someone who is strong-willed has a lot of determination và always tries to vày what they want, even though other people may advise them not to.  adj (=headstrong)  (Antonym: weak-willed) He is a very determined and strong-willed person.  

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