There space badSaturday Night Liveperformances, and also then there’s Ashlee Simpson’s infamous 2004 lip-synching fiasco. In fact, Simpson’s power was so destructive that it affected the display well into the complying with week, once Kate Winslet was scheduled to host. Together Winslet tells it, Studio 8H to be such “a hotbed of anxiety” adhering to Ashlee Simpson’sSNLblunder that she didn’t even receive her opening monologue till the day before the show. Yikes.

During a virtual appearance as component of the Hamptons worldwide Film Festival’s “A Conversation With…” series, Winslet was asked about her experience hostingSaturday Night Livein 2004. “I loved doingSNL,” she said. “God, the adrenaline. I’d love to go earlier onSNL.”

TheTitanicstar defined that she first started exhilaration in those type of “high pressure” environments, yet nothing might have all set her because that her very first SNL hosting gig. “I to be on the main after Ashlee Simpson. I was the next show after,” she said. Winslet explained that tensions were running high after ~ Simpson’s lip-sync incident — in which the popular music star failed to sing along to “Pieces the Me” — and the writers were going to an excellent lengths to do the display perfect. “It to be like, ‘Okay. Five my god. So, this show’s gotta be really real,"” she recalled.

“There’s this point of the opened monologue,” ongoing Winslet. “They kept saying come me, ‘Kate we’re for this reason sorry, we just don’t have it yet. We’re not ready, just give us a moment."”

A minute turned into days, and also by Friday’s dress rehearsal, Winslet quiet didn’t have a monologue. “I’m, like, guys please do something up. Permit me make something up,” she said. “They’re like, ‘Can you tap dance?’ and I went, ‘I deserve to actually, yeah.’ They’re like, ‘Perfect, you’re going to tap dance and also you’re going come sing."”

“So then in three hrs I learned this madness routine and this song,” said the actress.

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“And then we dress rehearsal, and also immediately after that, we videotaped the display live.”

Winslet’s tap dancing monologue isn’t anything to write residence about, yet after the vault week’s dumpster fire of a performance, it to be probably more than welcome. Together the saying goes, “No news about yourSNLappearance is great news.”