90 day Fiance: Ashley Martson gives Update On her Love Life after ~ Divorce After she toxic marital relationship to Jay smith ended, 90 job Fiancé star Ashley Martson has revamped her life and also moved on v a brand-new man. Here"s what we know.

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Ashley Martson Jay Smith: TLC: 90 day Fiancé
Fans will never forget Ashley Martson and also Jay Smith’s disastrous marriage on 90 day Fiancé, but based on the hairdresser’s latest upgrade on she life, Ashley has actually a new man and also seems to it is in doing great. Her connection with Jay to be plagued through infidelities, and also many fans think Ashley deserves a fresh start and also a loyal partner. Now, in a new Instagram Q&A, it shows up that Ashley has bounced back from her divorce and is doing whatever in her strength to store her life ~ above track.

Ashley met Jay in Jamaica if on vacation, and after a whirlwind romance, the pair quickly acquired engaged. Throughout 90 work Fiancé season 6, Ashley and also Jay navigated the K-1 Visa procedure and do their way down the altar. Yet even though Ashley believed she got her happy ending, Jay cheated on her repeatedly, and the pair split and also reunited on several occasions. ~ filing for divorce countless times, Ashley and also Jay finalized your divorce in in march of this year, and it’s clear that Ashley is ready to relocate on with her love life.

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On Instagram, Ashley Martson answered inquiries from fans, and many that them wanted to understand what she has actually been up to since her break-up from Jay Smith. Ashley claimed she’s to be “doing hair complete time, in school, gift a mom, being a girlfriend, and also working on my salon that’s under a complete renovation. I’m tired.” after her disastrous relationship through Jay, Ashley certainly deserves someone who will it is in faithful come her, despite it appears Ashley isn’t passionate to reveal the identification of her new man in ~ this moment.

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Ashley 90 work Fiance
When a fan inquiry the 90 work Fiancé star that her new boyfriend is, Ashley replied: “Just choose my kids, I will certainly never display him on society media.” Ashley famously preserved her youngsters off the show and has been really careful to save them off her Instagram as well. Overall, she wants to keep her family’s privacy. She is an extremely cautious once it comes to her kids, and revealed that she will certainly not introduce her new boyfriend to her children for at the very least six months. 

In addition to her brand-new man, the 90 work Fiancé star has been functioning on fully renovating her very own hair salon, which is set to open up on September 1, 2021. At times, it was difficult to watch Ashley and also Jay’s partnership unfold on the show due to all the toxicity in between them and how badly Jay cure Ashley. Thankfully, however, Ashley has actually turned things approximately after finalizing she divorce and seems to be doing much better than ever before now.