Graham deserve the reputation title, together with UFC fighter Ronda Rousey and model Hailey Clauson in the three-cover worry of SI

For this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, beauty isn’t measured by pounds or kilograms; it’s characterized by Ashley Graham.

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The model simply made history, ending up being the first-ever size-16 human body activist design to elegant the sheathe of the magazine. And she almost started she celebration v a wardrobe malfunction.



“I check out my cover and I wanted to drop to mine knees yet this dress would’ve ripped and I have actually Spanx on under this,” Graham, 28, called about her strapless human body con dress after the disclose on Saturday.

Before showing the 3 cover issue, likewise featuring UFC fighter Ronda Rousey and two-time SI swim design Hailey Clauson, the three women joined hosts Nick Cannon and Rebecca Romijn onstage during TNT’s special SI cover reveal special on Saturday night. Then, the master announced the historic adjust to the highly anticipated 2016 edition. Because that Graham, the rookie was at first shocked to it is in featured. Critical year, she made headlines for appearing in an advertising in the issue.

“I believed Sports Illustrated was taking a threat by putting a girl my dimension in the pages,” Graham said. “But putting me ~ above the cover? castle aren’t just breaking barriers; they are the conventional now. This is beyond epic.”

Graham characteristics the initiatives of SI Swim’s editor, MJ Day, because that her new cover girl title. Before Graham’s shoot because that the problem had also finished, it was clear the something large was happening.



“MJ come over come me and also she had actually tears in her eyes and also she said, ‘This is walk to make history’, ” Graham recalls. “And in the moment, ns knew that ns wasn’t simply there as a favor, i wasn’t there just like ‘Oh let’s put the big girl in.’ i was there due to the fact that I was an alleged to be there.”

Graham says this cover isn’t simply a celebration of she achievement, but a societal win as well.

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“Girls who space insecure about their bodies, girls who feel fat, girls who have cellulite, girls who have stretch marks on your body — those room all the things that I had actually as a kid and I never had actually a woman choose me cultivation up to look at,” Graham said. “I had my mother and also that’s one thing, yet to have actually somebody who has actually cellulite, who has things the jiggle, that has back fat and talk about how you have the right to be an overcomer and not let culture take you down for all of that. That’s real.”

After leaving the stage, Graham, surrounded by her team, referred to as her husband top top the phone. His solution to she cover?

“My husband said, ‘I called you!’ ” Graham said. “And climate he walk ‘Yesss.’ ”

“I want to dedicate it to all of the ladies out over there who never ever felt the they were beautiful enough, who never felt like they to be skinny enough, and who never ever felt like they to be going to be able to be represented in culture like this,” Graham said. “Because now we’re being represented.”

Graham and Sports Illustrated are making waves in more ways 보다 one, however Graham has actually one point she wants to do prior to anything else.

“I’m gonna go eat a burger,” Graham said. “I to be so hungry. You have no idea. I desire a burger and fries.”

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