Teen mother 2: Ashley Jones Responds To pregnancy Rumors on Instagram Teen mother 2 star Ashely Jones denies the recent pregnancy rumors swirling in she Instagram comments, speak she won"t be pregnant again because that a while.

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Ashley Jones Teen mom 2
Ashley Jones responded to pregnant rumors that were swirling in the Teen mom 2 star"s Instagram comment after she shared pictures in which the seemed like she got some weight. Fans first got to recognize Ashley when she began appearing on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant in 2018. She mutual on the show that she acquired pregnant v her daughter Holly as soon as she was 19 years old and also her infant daddy Bar Smith to be 24. Ashley transitioned to showing up on Teen mom 2 in the second fifty percent of season 10, together a replacement because that original actors member Chelsea DeBoer. Her early storylines featured her struggles to get in addition to Bar"s mother, and later Bar himself. They broke up because that a quick time, throughout which Bar changed his appearance by getting face tattoos and also started exhilaration out.

While the two of lock have had actually their share of relationship struggles, they are committed to being an excellent co-parents. Unlike various other Teen mother 2 couples, Ashley and also Bar managed to get back on the very same page and are in a partnership again. Bar is transforming his life around, having obtained his GED and beginning the procedure to acquire his confront tattoos removed. In an interview v co-star Kailyn Lowry, Ashley revealed her living situation prior to filming through MTV was much less than ideal. She admitted to life in a trap home with Bar and also their daughter and also stripping to do ends meet. Ashley claimed her mother convinced her come move ago home when she lastly opened up to her around how bad their instance was. She features her strong connection with Bar to having actually experienced these tough times together.

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Ashely is now responding to Instagram commenters who room wondering if she is pregnant. As reported through Monsters and also Critics, Ashley denied gift pregnant after acquiring multiple comment asking her about it. The Teen mommy 2 star responded to a comment saying she was giving off pregnant vibes by saying she "wonder(s) once (she) will have this baby" anyone keeps asking her about. She continued by saying fans need to not suppose her to it is in pregnant with an additional baby because that at the very least a few years. Ashley offered the specific year until which pan shouldn"t think she is pregnant, claiming they shouldn"t suppose an announcement from her until at the very least after 2024. Ashley then thanked fans because that being worried around her, however calmed your fears by saying she has just gained approximately 40 pounds and that she is yes, really happy through herself.

Ashley"s boyfriend and baby daddy Bar additionally took come the comments section to protect his girlfriend. He created that Ashley"s doubters act together if they have actually never gained weight in your lifetime. That went on come say he likes her new body and also that they room really happy together. Still, he"s no without his own critics as fans that Teen Mom recently dubbed Bar out for using a prop pistol in his recent music video. That is aspiring to be a rapper, however fans assumed he was cultivating gang violence by including the firearms in his video. They chosen the song but said they could have excellent without the inclusion of guns. Bar protected himself through explaining her just showed the weapons when the lyrics supported it.

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Now the Ashley has ruled out having an additional baby anytime soon, it will be amazing to view what is following for her. She is certainly committed to creating a far better life because that herself and her daughter, for this reason it will certainly be amazing to see what the next steps in her journey will certainly be. This Teen mommy 2 star definitely has her top priorities in order, and will likely get where she desires to it is in in life.