Mila Kunis and also Ashton Kutcher are one of the most beloved celebrity couples. Together, they share 2 beautiful children and also a stunning L.A farmhouse. But earlier in the so late ’90s, they were simply co-workers, working together on the set of That ’70s Show. And according to Kunis, Kutcher was her first real kiss.

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But as reported by the Black Swan star, she was “so uncomfortable” during their kissing scenes. Review on to discover out why.


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Mila Kunis states Ashton Kutcher to be her first real kiss

When Kunis auditioned for That ’70s Show, she called a small white lied to acquire the part. The actors because that the series had to it is in 18 and older so that the display runners didn’t need to worry about any period restrictions for your roles. So as soon as they request Kunis if she was 18, she said, “I’m going come be.” Technically, this was true, but they presume she expected within the next pair of months. It transforms out she to be actually just 14-years-old during the audition process- definition she wouldn’t be 18 for an additional four years.

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Because of she young age, it provides sense the Kutcher to be her an initial kiss ~ above the set of That ’70s Show. In the series, the 2 play Jackie and Kelso, also known as the most popular pair in suggest Place, Wisconsin.

But while she character was supplied to kissing boys, Kunis had actually no experience. Therefore, she was downright terrified.

The factor Mila Kunis feeling ‘so uncomfortable’ during her kissing scene v Ashton Kutcher

How well carry out you really remember Jackie and also Kelso? Time to take it the quiz to find out:

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Kunis admits that while filming That ’70s Show, she emerged a huge crush on her future husband, Kutcher. And also because of her feelings for she co-star, she was terrified come kiss him.

“I to be like, ‘Oh, he’s therefore cute, it’s the Calvin Klein model,” she said, according to Insider. “Then ns was like, ‘I need to kiss him?’ i was so nervous and also uncomfortable. I had the best crush top top him.”

But while filming, Kutcher had actually no idea the he to be his co-star’s first kiss.

“I’m the very first guy she kissed? oh my god, I had no idea,” the Punk’d star told civilization in 2001. “I’m for this reason glad i didn’t know that, or the would’ve to be too much pressure.”

And although Kunis to be smitten through Kutcher, your age difference was too far-ranging for them to build a romantic connection with one another.

Yet in 2012, years after That ’70s Show sheathe up, castle reunited. It to be then the everything changed between the two.

How did Mila Kunis and also Ashton Kutcher begin dating?

Ashton Kutcher and also Mila Kunis | Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

While Kutcher and Kunis to be “just friends” top top That ’70s Show, everything changed in 2012 as soon as they reunited at the 69th golden Globe Awards.

Both were solitary at the moment after breaking up through their permanent partners. And also not lengthy after, Kunis and Kutcher emerged a “friends through benefits” partnership with each other.

Coincidentally, both had actually done romantic comedies that focused on “friends with benefits” dynamics.

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“I did a movie dubbed Friends v Benefits,"” claimed Kunis. “He go a movie the was very similar called No Strings Attached. We lived our movies out. We were simply like, let’s just hook up. Let’s have actually fun. We’re both single. We both trust each other. Everything’s great.”

A couple of months later, they gotten in a serious relationship. Now, years later, they space happily married.