After the 2nd mass shoot in a week, the president claimed tighter gun laws should not be a partisan issue, yet Republicans in conference showed tiny interest in autonomous proposals.

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“This is not and also should not be a partisan concern — it is one American issue,” chairman Biden claimed on Tuesday.Credit...Anna Moneymaker because that The brand-new York Times

WASHINGTON — faced with the 2nd mass shooting in a week, president Biden and Democrats ~ above Capitol Hill referred to as on Tuesday because that fast action to spreading stricter pistol laws, a plea that was immediately met with a blockade of opposition by Republicans.

In brief, somber remarks native the White House, Mr. Biden referred to as on the Senate to happen a ban on assault weapons and to close background check loopholes, saying that doing so would certainly be “common sense measures that will certainly save lives in the future.”

His need for activity was the latest in what has come to be a doleful ritual in Washington: make a renewed call for gun safety law after a deadly shooting, this one at a Colorado grocery save where 10 people, including a police officer, were eliminated on Monday.

“This is not and should not be a partisan worry — the is an American issue,” Mr. Biden said. “We have to act.”

But if polling on regular basis shows wide support because that tighter gun regulations and certain policies like a half on attack weapons, republicans in Congress remained all but immovable top top the issue, repeating longstanding disagreements on Tuesday that gun violence have to be addressed through steps like an ext policing rather than limiting pistol rights.

“There’s no a huge appetite amongst our members to do things the would appear to be addressing it, but actually don’t perform anything to resolve the problem,” claimed Senator john Thune of south Dakota, the No. 2 Senate Republican.

President Barack Obama to be unable to victory passage that tighter gun legislation even after the shootings in 2012 in ~ Sandy Hook Elementary institution in Connecticut, i m sorry left 20 children and six adult dead. Due to the fact that then, there has been tiny progress at the commonwealth level, also as the epidemic of pistol violence has actually raged on.

On Tuesday, Mr. Biden listed that he had actually to draft a proclamation to store the White house flags at half-staff due to the fact that they had already been lower to honor eight world killed by a gunman in the Atlanta area less than a mainly earlier.

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“Another American city has been scarred by total violence and the result trauma,” the chairman said.