Julianna Pena shocks the MMA world, upsets Amanda Nunes in ~ UFC 269 (1:16)Julianna Pena loss Amanda Nunes to victory the UFC women"s bantamweight title, among the best upsets in UFC history. (1:16)

Julianna Peña believed. She might have to be the just one.

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Peña gone into Saturday night"s UFC 269 co-main occasion as a 6½-to-1 betting underdog versus Amanda Nunes, and who can argue v that? She was up against the biggest fighter in the background of women"s MMA, and a two-division champion.

Amanda Nunes walked into T-Mobile Arena in las Vegas to defend her bantamweight championship. Now Nunes only owns the featherweight title.

Peña did exactly what she had been speak she would carry out in the leadup come this bantamweight title fight. She said she would go right at Nunes. She claimed she would make Nunes quit.

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To many, including this observer, Peña"s words sounded prefer nothing however empty bluster. The 32-year-old from Spokane, Washington was just 1-1 in she last 2 fights, and also as freshly as 2020 had been choked out by a kickboxer. What threat could she probably pose to Nunes, the No. 1 fighter in the vxcialistoufjg.com women"s pound-for-pound rankings and also a winner the 12 straight fights, in a operation of success that extends every the means back to 2015? ns was not alone in spreading this location bout together a mismatch.

And it started out looking prefer one. Peña go come forward, as she claimed she would, but throughout the an initial round Nunes beat she to the punch again and also again. Nunes take it Peña to the canvas midway v the round and also dominated she there. It to be looking like one more day at the office because that the GOAT.

Then the wasn"t. Round 2 began with Peña when again comes forward, but this time her jabs to be landing. So to be the occasional right hand. Nunes to be returning fire, yet without her usual precision. The champ to be loading up with power, however she let go again and again, and all the did was tire her out.


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This to be the biggest upset in MMA history. Ns know, the betting odds perform not quite align with that insurance claim -- Peña to be technically the fourth-biggest underdog ever to win a title fight -- yet consider the sport"s previous huge surprises.

Purely through the numbers, the biggest MMA upset was Holly Holm"s 2015 knockout of Ronda Rousey. The was a shocker, too, since Rousey to be undefeated and had perfect her 4 most current previous opponents in 66, 16, 14 and also 34 seconds. Rousey was as dominant a force as the sport has ever seen. But Holm had actually been a three-division human being champion in boxing. Her resume at the time much outshined what Peña brought into Saturday"s fight.

Much the same could be stated of Matt Serra, who was a +850 underdog on the night in 2007 when he knocked the end the great Georges St-Pierre. Serra could not was standing head and also shoulders above Peña in regards to MMA accomplishments, however the GSP he defeated that night was a brand new champion tho young in the game.

After a tenuous start versus Amanda Nunes, Julianna Peña took end the hit in ring 2 and also delivered on her pre-fight promise through forcing Nunes come tap out.Chris Unger/Zuffa LLCNunes, by comparison, has actually long to be entrenched in ~ the height of the sport. She had actually not lost a fight because 2014, and also she owns victories over all the biggest in women"s MMA history. Rousey. Holm. Cris Cyborg. Valentina Shevchenko, twice. No a soul on earth would have discussed the 33-year-old Brazilian"s insurance claim as the GOAT.

So once Nunes feebly tapped out to the choke at 3:26 of round 2, T-Mobile Arena erupted through the kind of noise do by fans who"ve just witnessed history. Improbable history.

Improbable come us, for sure, however not improbable come Julianna Peña.

"I"m no surprised, motherf---ers!" Peña exclaimed once the microphone was put in front of her afterward inside the cage. She to be quoting what Nate Diaz had said, much to the amusement of the fans, after the choked the end Conor McGregor in 2016. The group roared in appreciation because that Peña"s recitation together well.

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Few, if any, in that crowd thought Peña had actually what it required to beat Nunes. Yet her belief in herself brought Peña to a moment that will certainly go down in the annals the UFC history.

"I called you," added Peña. "Don"t ever doubt me again. Willpower, strength and determination, it will take girlfriend places."