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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Chiefs took note that the ras Vegas Raiders gathered on their logo design at midfield prior to Sunday"s game and also felt it included some fuel prior to their 48-9 win over their longtime rivals.

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"You certainly don"t want human being to come right into your stadium and also disrespect things that you kind of built,"" quarterback Patrick Mahomes said. "It gave us a little much more motivation to go the end there and win versus a really an excellent football team the we have a rivalry versus that generally is a difficult football game.""

At the end of pregame warm-ups, Raiders protective end Yannick Ngakoue summoned his teammates to midfield and then had actually some words because that them prior to the team departed because that the locker room.

"I don"t think champions yes, really act in the manner,"" Chiefs defensive earlier Tyrann Mathieu said.

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The Chiefs scored on the game"s first play from scrimmage when cornerback Mike Hughes recovered a fumble by Raiders running earlier Josh Jacobs and returned that 23 yards for a touchdown.

"That"s quite disrespectful," Hughes claimed of the Raiders relocating to midfield for Ngakoue"s pregame speech. "I"m glad we jumped on castle the means we did.""

Raiders linebacker K.J. Wright recognized that his team"s actions before the game could have provided the master some included incentive.

"I would have been upset, too, if ns was them," light said. "Anybody the comes there and do that? and they definitely came out and also responded to their anger and also we couldn"t organize up.

"It was spur of the moment. One man said, "Let"s go" and we all gained to journey together. We all went the end there together. Us did it as a team and also just offered them a little more motivation 보다 we essential to provide them."

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and also backup quarterback Marcus Mariota were the first two to run off come the locker room after the pregame speech.

"One point I will say is, I always have mine teammates" back," Carr claimed after a pause. "And I will forever have their ago and if that"s what we"re doing, that"s what we"re doing. And, that"s what I"ll say."

The Chiefs to be still sore going right into the game about how the Raiders" buses, ~ above their means to the Kansas City airport, take it a victory lap around the stadium after win in Kansas City last year because that the an initial time due to the fact that 2012.

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The Chiefs play "Wheels ~ above the Bus" end the stadion public resolve system after Sunday"s game.

"We didn"t desire them winning below again," Mahomes said. "We went the end there and also handled business."