The brand-new England Patriots have now won five consecutive gamings after taking under the Falcons ~ above Thursday in Atlanta 25-0. Mac Jones and the Patriots offense accumulated their command pretty beforehand in this matchup, scoring 13 points over their very first three possession to start the game. Brand-new England"s lone attack touchdown the the night came courtesy of a 19-yard happen to Nelson Agholor indigenous Jones. And also as the Patriots" offense gathered a solid sufficient cushion, bill Belichick"s defense thrashed the Falcons from the jump. 

Matt Ryan had tiny time to throw the soccer whenever he dropped ago to pass and was sacked 3 times in the an initial half (four total sacks for the game). Also when Atlanta remained in a place to placed points on the board, negative execution plagued them. The biggest example of that came on the Falcons third drive the the day. They were able to bring the football as far as the new England 14-yard line, however, a 13-yard sack and also a subsequent illegal formation penalty on a field goal attempt caused a missed 50-yard field goal by Younghoe Koo. The second fifty percent wasn"t much far better for the Falcons together Ryan to be picked off on back-to-back drives in the fourth quarter that successfully eliminated any kind of chance that a so late rally (or backdoor cover). 

Jones perfect his day completing 22 that 26 for 207 yards, a touchdown and also an interception. The backfield totaled 138 yards rushing with Rhamondre Stevenson (69 yards) and Damien Harris (56) leading the way. Meanwhile, Ryan completed 19 the 28 for 153 yards and two interceptions. 

For much more on just how this video game unfolded, examine out ours takeaways below. 

Why the Patriots won

The Patriots" defense proceeds to be the backbone the this to win streak and its improved play end the critical month-plus has raised the ceiling because that this team exponentially. They were able to apply pressure ~ above Ryan early and often, and from every i m sorry way. New England pressured Ryan top top the exterior with Matthew Judon and also Kyle van Noy both coming up with sacks along with up the center of the line v tackle Davon Godchaux. In all, Ryan was sacked 4 times top top the night and also was hit a complete of 12 times. 

Those sacks also come up in timely spots. Together we noted in the intro, among the larger blunders through Atlanta came on that botched red zone execution in the 2nd quarter. ~ above a third-and-1 native the Patriots 14, Kyle van Noy had the ability to sack Ryan for a 13-yard loss, which at some point sparked a meltdown that brought about zero points. In the 2nd half, that push then translated into turnovers as new England"s defense perfect with four straight interceptions to finish the game. Two were from Ryan if the final two picks came off that backups mockery Rosen and also Feleipe Franks. 

Offensively, the Patriots ongoing to be effective out that the gate. Jones spread the ball about early and also completed 14 the his 15 first-half throws for 136 yards and a touchdown as brand-new England built up a 13-0 lead. In all, Jones completed throws to nine different Patriots pass-catchers. Meanwhile, Damien Harris was the catalyst ~ above the offense"s lone touchdown of the evening together he accounted for 43 that the team"s 76 yards on the scoring drive.

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Why the Falcons lost

Atlanta looked choose an under .500 team because that the bulk of Thursday"s contest. Together we"ve formerly touched on, the Falcons" attack line really had trouble keeping Ryan upright because that the bulk of this contest, specifically at the tackle spots together the push seemed come constantly it is in coming off both edges. With Cordarrelle Patterson the end for this game, the backfield struggled mightily, totaling just 40 yards because that the video game on 2.5 yards every carry. The defense mostly did its job as that held new England come a controlled 13 points because that the bulk of this game, yet the offense simply couldn"t save up its end of the bargain. 

While the Falcons were overpowered for many of this game, they likewise couldn"t acquire out of your own method at times. The problems leading up to Koo"s missed 50-yard ar goal to be a prime example, but there to be a variety of other instances whereby Atlanta shot chin in the foot. ~ an interception by A.J. Terrell, the club had actually some questionable play-calling top top their following possession that produced zero clues (more on the sequence below) and also there to be a couple of play calls that merely didn"t do sense. 

Falcons running plays designed to knock their own receivers out

— Pick 6 Podcast (

Atlanta likewise found itself in a variety of third-and-long situations and also was only able to transform two that its 11 third-down situations for the game. As soon as your 11 full drives consists of five punts and four interceptions, you"re no going to win plenty of games.

Turning point

While it might not have felt choose it in ~ times, the Falcons to be technically in this game for the bulk of the contest. There to be a short sign the life ~ Terrell was able to pick turn off Jones on a rare bad decision by the rookie as the Falcons were gaining the round on their very own 48-yard line v the score simply 13-0. Atlanta to be able to relocate the ball deep right into Patriots territory and also as far as the brand-new England 16-yard line. It to be at this point where some questionable plays were dubbed by head coach Arthur Smith. 

On third-and-1, Ryan handed the ball off to Keith Smith, that would take trip for no gain. Then, as the Falcons elected to walk for that on fourth-and-1, castle again handed the round off, this time to Qadree Ollison, who would turn in the same an outcome as Smith and also force a sales on downs. While going v the ground video game is a logical call, that seemingly would have actually made an ext sense to have Ryan sneak the sphere forward. 

need 1 yard… operation 5 yards backwards to hand the ball to a RB stand 9 yards back of the heat to acquire

— Warren sharp (

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That to be the Falcons" critical true shooting of making that a round game and also they couldn"t get over the hump for the extra yard. 

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