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Clarke County

Clarke county Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Crime Statistics

According come the Uniform Crime reporting Data of 2017 released by the office of Investigation, crime numbers reported because that Clarke County include 6 murders, 335 aggravated assaults, 719 burglaries, 14 arsons, 234 motor car thefts, and also 3,302 larcenies. These numbers represent a 2.9% to decrease in violent crime and a 4.39% to decrease in home crime when contrasted with figures from 2016.

Criminal Records

Criminal records can be derived in Clarke county from both the Clarke county Sheriff’s office and also the Athens-Clarke county Police Department. Interested parties who wish to achieve these records from the county Sheriff’s office might do therefore by contacting the records division located in ~ 325 E. Washington Street, Room 100, Athens, GA 30601. Queries can also be command to (706) 613-3250.

Interested parties deserve to also accessibility a 7 work Arrest log in which is routinely updated by the Sheriff’s department. To obtain records from the Athens-Clarke county police department, queries should be directed to (706) 613-3330, ext. 256. It must be detailed that few of these records may be derived only after any applicable fees have actually been paid.

In enhancement to this, the bureau of investigation also enables interested next to request documents of in-state felony convictions through its Felon search website. This service costs $15 per search.

How to find sex offender information

The Clarke county Sheriff’s office gives online access to a Sex Offender registry which permits interested parties to achieve information on every registered sex offenders residing in the county. Interested parties can also obtain statewide sex offender information from the Sex Offender Registry

How to discover jail and inmate information

The Clarke ar Sheriff’s Office handles all queries concerned jail and also inmate information. Next interested in obtaining inmate and jail details can contact the Clarke ar Jail in ~ 3015 Lexington Rd, Athens, GA 30605. Queries can additionally be directed to (706) 613-3270. However, the Sheriff’s office allows interested parties to check out a perform of existing inmates online.

In addition to this, parties interested in capital inmates' accounts can do therefore by either using the kiosk obtainable in the jail lobby or by mail a money order to the jail. It need to be listed that over there is a $100 balance limit on inmates’ accounts.

Court Records

In the state that, exceptional Courts have basic jurisdiction over all criminal and also civil cases.

How to get court records

The Clarke ar Clerk of superior & State courts maintains court records for the county. Interested parties who wish to obtain copies of this records might do for this reason in person at the office of the Clerk located at 325 E. Washington St, Suite 450, Athens, GA 30601 native Monday – Friday, between 8:30 a.m. And 5:00 p.m. Queries can additionally be command to (706) 613-3190. However, interested parties deserve to view situation dockets online. Duplicates of court documents frequently cost 50 cent per page, if certified copies cost $2.50 for the very first page and also 50 cent for each additional copy.

Locations of every courts in the county

Athens-Clarke County remarkable Court & State Court that Athens-Clarke County325 eastern Washington Street,Suite 450,P.O. Crate 1805,Athens, GA 30603Phone: (706) 613-3190

Athens-Clarke County youth Court325 east Washington Street,Suite 115,Athens, GA 30601Phone: (706) 613-3300

Probate Court that Athens-Clarke County325 east Washington Street,Suite 215,Athens, GA 30601Phone: (706) 613-3320

Athens-Clarke county Magistrate Court325 eastern Washington Street, Suite 240, Athens, GA 30601Phone: (706) 613-3310

Municipal Court the Athens-Clarke County325 east Washington Street,Suite 170,Athens, GA 30601Phone: (706) 613-3690

Municipal Court that Winterville125 phibìc Church Street,P.O. Crate 306,Winterville, GA 30683Phone: (706) 742-8600

Where and how to acquire Bankruptcy and Property Records

The Clarke County taxation Assessor maintains info property details for the county. Interested parties that wish to accessibility this information may do so by contacting the office of the taxes Assessor located at 325 E Washington St., Suite 280, Athens, GA 30601 indigenous Mondays - Fridays, from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Queries can also be directed to (706) 613-3140. Interested next can likewise perform a home Record find to achieve some the this information.

The middle District that, United states Bankruptcy Court handles all bankruptcy matters for Clarke County. Interested parties that wish to attain these documents should contact this court at either of its offices located at 433 Cherry Street, Macon, GA 31201 and also 901 front Avenue, One Arsenal Place

Columbus, GA 31902. Queries may be directed to either (478) 752-3506 because that the Macon office or (706) 649-7837 because that the Columbus office. Parties who wish to call either that these offices in human should execute so between 8:30 a.m. And 5:00 p.m., Mondays-Fridays.

Vital Records

Clarke county maintains records of births, marriages, divorces and deaths that occur in the county and issues copies of these documents to default interested parties.

How to obtain Divorce Records

The office of the salesperson of premium & State Court maintains all divorce records for the county. Interested parties that wish to acquire copies of this records may do therefore by contacting this office with the call information detailed in the Court documents section that this article. It need to be detailed that the common fee charged for obtaining court records might not it is in applicable once obtaining copies of divorce records.

How to acquire Marriage Records

Interested parties who wish to achieve a copy marriage certificate might do therefore by contacting the Probate Court office situated at

325 E. Washington Street,Suite 200,Athens, GA 30601

Records have the right to be acquired in human being from Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Or by mailing in a composed request. Interested parties are compelled to provide the names of both applicants together is stated on the certificate. Certified copies of marriage certificates price $10 per copy. Interested parties that mail-in their requests are additionally required to provide either a return resolve or a self-addressed envelope and also contact information.

How to gain Birth and also Death Records

The Clarke County health Department issues copies that birth and also death certificates to qualified parties. Interested parties who wish to obtain these records have to also carry out a precious government-issued photograph ID. Certified copies of birth and also death certificates are issued to just the registrants, immediate household (including grandparents), spouses, legal guardians or any type of legally authorized party. However, uncertified copies of fatality certificates might be obtained by members the the general public.

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Interested parties are required to complete either a bear Certificate Request type or a death Certificate Request type and submit it one of two people in human being or via mail to:

Clarke County health and wellness Department vital Records345 north Harris StreetAthens, GA 30601

Interested parties who wish to submit their develops in person should keep in mind that the an important records office is closed from 1:30 p.m. To 2:30 p.m. From Monday-Thursday. Also, interested parties who mail-in their requests are compelled to incorporate a self-addressed stamped envelope and also a star chep of a valid ID. Certified copies of Birth and also Death Certificates, as well as uncertified copies of fatality certificates, cost $25, with secondary $5 per extra copy that the same document requested.