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The Falcons appeared poised to success Super key 51 in blowout fashion after ~ they score their 4th touchdown midway v the third quarter. They developed a 28-3 lead and had the Patriots" defense ~ above its heels.

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Meanwhile, Tom Brady and the Patriots violation were struggling to move the ball. And the few times that they did, they endured sacks or cursed turnovers that took their scoring opportunities away.

All the Falcons would need to do was keep the Patriots in ~ an arm"s length. If they did that, castle would have actually a great chance to victory their very first Super bowl in franchise history.

Instead, Atlanta faltered. The team"s offense and defense made an essential mistakes at the end, and also the coaching staff made some more than questionable beat calls late in the game.

How did the all go down? Here"s a look at some of the vital plays indigenous the finish of the Patriots-Falcons video game that at some point shockingly swung the game in donate of the Patriots.

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How walk the Falcons blow a 28-3 lead?

Essentially, it price to a perfect storm of issues. The Patriots" offense come alive late and also the Falcons totally sputtered down the stretch.

Coach Dan Quinn had actually a straightforward reason because that the Falcons" loss in ~ the finish of the game.

“I think for certain we ran out of gas some,” Quinn said, every Reuters.com. “They executed terrifically. That was one of the things that us don’t talk around with them a lot, is the way they have the right to execute.

“When they obtained hot, that was difficult for united state to deal with.”

It makes sense the the Falcons gained tired. They ran simply 46 offensive plays throughout the Super bowl while the Patriots ran a chuck 93. Brand-new England had actually the fresher defense, and the Falcons" offense simply couldn"t stay on the ar in the second half.

The Falcons likewise probably play a little too aggressively in the second half. Atlanta average 5.8 yards per rush throughout the game, yet they right ran the ball. In spite of this and also their 25-point lead, the Falcons ran less frequently in the second half than they walk in the first.

SituationTotal playsRun playsRun percentage
First half19947.4
Second half27933.3

That allowed the Patriots" pass rush to tee turn off on Ryan and make some huge plays, choose the Hightower fumble.

Quinn sustained offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan"s plan to stay aggressive and also continue pass the ball.

“At the point, we wanted to be aggressive to go victory the game,” Quinn described to pro Football speak a month ~ the super Bowl.

But Quinn also acknowledged the he might have managed the video game — and also the clock — a bit better at the end.

“For sure there’s lessons there in game management,” he said. “Those room lessons that are painful to go through but you have to learn from them.”

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Super key 51 highlights, key plays in Falcons" swollen 28-3 lead

Danny Amendola, Tom Brady conversions on Patriots" first TD drive

The critical time the fateful 28-3 score flashed ~ above the plank for the Falcons was through 2:06 left to play in the third quarter. The Patriots were, finally, may be to mountain a touchdown drive after having withstood a couple of late-drive turnovers in the an initial half.

There were two an essential plays top top the journey for the Patriots. The very first came on a fourth-and-3 at midfield. Invoice Belichick elected to go for the — the Patriots were rolling by 25, after all — and Tom Brady to be able to discover Danny Amendola on a happen just beyond the rod to save the journey alive.

Amendola turned it into a little bit more, however, as he turn the get into a 17-yard reception. That put the Patriots in scoring variety at the very least.

Later, Brady convert a pat of his own. On third-and-8, Brady didn"t view anyone open downfield. What the did see was an open up running lane. He take it off and generated a 15-yard get to save the Patriots" TD hopes alive.

Arguably the most underrated play of Tom Brady"s career:a 15 garden SCRAMBLE on 3rd and 8 to set up the Patriots an initial touchdown in the 25 allude comeback versus Atlanta in Super key 51. Pic.twitter.com/vmo3QcKc2K

— El Capitãn (
DomGonzo12) in march 26, 2020

That run marked the longest operation of Brady"s postseason career. James White bonus his initiative by capturing a short TD just a few plays later. Stephen Gostkowski"s extra suggest missed, and the Patriots trailed 28-9.

Dont"a Hightower strip-sacks Matt Ryan

The Patriots were able to pressure a Falcons punt and also scored a ar goal on their next possession to reduced their deficit come 16. However, the clock had actually ticked under 10 minutes, for this reason they were running the end of time.

New England required a large play, and also Dont"a Hightower delivered.

Despite gift up 16, the Falcons dubbed a pass play ~ above a third-and-1 v 8:31 left in the game. Matt Ryan dropped ago to pass and he to be swarmed by Dont"a Hightower, who had actually just been confirm by the back en path to the quarterback. Hightower obtained home, forced the fumble and also the Patriots recovered. That placed the Patriots in wonderful field position.

From there, the Patriots walk on a five-play, 25-yard touchdown drive. They likewise got a two-point conversion come officially make it a one-score game.

Hightower"s beat turned the end to it is in the momentum shifter. It placed the pressure on the Falcons to one of two people score or stop the Patriots. They couldn"t perform either.

Matt Ryan take away a sack from Trey Flowers

The Falcons had actually a opportunity to acquire a game-winning score. A pair of large plays — a dump off to a wide-open Devonta Freeman and an incredible toe-tap catch by Julio Jones — put them at the Patriots 22-yard line.

Atlanta to be leading 28-20 at the time of this drive. Every the team had to execute was operation the ball three time up and kick a field goal to make it one 11-point game. The Patriots would, likely, be the end of timeouts and also facing a massive uphill battle to win.

Instead, the Falcons opted to pass. Catastrophe struck together Trey flowers burst through the line and also tackled Matt Ryan for a 12-yard loss.

HUGE sack from former Razorback Trey Flowers! #WPS #SB51 #SuperBowl #Patriots pic.twitter.com/Au1Px0kn48

— Austin Kellerman (
AustinKellerman) February 6, 2017

That pat the Falcons at the 35-yard line on the cusp of ar goal range. A holding penalty on the following play knocked them the end of it. Lock were eventually forced to punt the ball and that gave the Patriots the sphere one much more time v 3:30 on the clock and two timeouts.

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Julian Edelman"s records tipped sphere inches off the ground

The Patriots needed to journey 91 yards because that a touchdown and a 2-point conversion to tie points late against the Falcons. That didn"t look good early. Brady completed just two that his very first five passes on the journey while under hefty pressure, and also he was only able to obtain the Patriots come their very own 36-yard heat in the first minute of the drive.

Brady chose that the Patriots required to take it a chance more down the field and also he threw the sphere to Julian Edelman. He was double-covered ~ above the play and cornerback Robert Alford, who went back an interception for a touchdown earlier in the game, acquired a hand top top it. That couldn"t bring it in.

But Edelman could.

Somehow, Edelman was able to gain his hand on the ball just inches end the ground. He was sandwiched between three Falcons top top the play and while the round was briefly jarred loose, he to be able to gain back his grip.

Edelman"s catch was maybe the most necessary play the the game for the Patriots. It obtained them over midfield and put them in position to finish the second fifty percent of their two-minute drill drive.

The Patriots later scored on a James White rushing touchdown to do it 28-26. Danny Amendola bound the game after he gained into the end-zone on a two-point display pass. It to be a tie game with 57 secs left and also the Patriots defense quit the Falcons come send the video game to overtime.

James White documents game-winning TD in overtime

The Patriots gained the ball an initial in overtime. They made sure that the Falcons wouldn"t check out it again.

New England was able to march 75 yards right into the end-zone because that the victory. It take it them simply under 4 minutes come score and also they never confronted a 3rd down ~ above the drive.

How did it end? James White take it a toss from Brady come the outside and punched it into the end-zone. It was White"s second rushing touchdown, and 3rd overall, that the game.

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That perfect the Patriots" miraculous, 28-3 come-from-behind victory and wrote Tom Brady into the record publications as the first quarterback come win five Super Bowls.